Equipo de piloto de aviación

Aviation Pilot Gear

The right type of gear is essential to amateur pilots and professionals. Having a spot-on assortment of pilot supplies suited to your skill level helps you meet the many technical requirements that smooth flight entails.

What pilot supplies do you need?

Gear requirements for aviation change as you progress from student to pro. However, some gear is essential throughout your flight career. Here are some pilot supplies that are useful to both students and professionals.

  • Pilot Bag or Case: These are highly durable products usually made of Cordura, ballistic, and ripstop nylon. Select a bag that accommodates your most vital aviation supplies, such as your laptop, charts, and headset.
  • Headset: Standard features include noise reduction, volume sliders, and high-quality microphones.
  • Sunglasses: Glare-reduction is essential, even on partly cloudy days. Aviation sunglasses with mirrored, gradient, or green lenses are worth checking out. Many styles block ultraviolet rays and reduce incoming light without diminishing clarity.
Is a manual or an electronic flight computer beneficial?

It is worthwhile to invest in both. Electronic flight computers are fast, accurate, and save you time. At the same time, its helpful to understand precisely how to manually solve all of the conversions and formulas. A manual flight computer helps you do this.

How do you choose between ADS-B or portable weather receiver?

Both types have unique benefits worth exploring. Most Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) receivers are FAA-certified and, generally, built into most automation platforms at Area Control Centers nationwide. Additionally, you have the option of ADS-B Out and ADS-B In. ADS-B Out is a basic aircraft equipage level that transmits position data once per second. ADS-B In potentially augments pilot safety via displays of nearby aircraft, subscription-free weather graphs, and other real-time aeronautical information.

In contrast, portable weather receivers provide a convenient plug-and-play option that temporarily integrates ADS-B or SiriusXM Weather, GPS, and other satellite services into your cockpit. Portable models work with a variety of apps. They interface with a device and compatible display, such as your tablet. Portable models are often sold as iPad accessories for pilots, but many models are also Windows- and Android-compatible.

What information is recorded in a logbook?

Some columns your log should contain include: date, make or model, identification number, departure location, arrival location, day and night landings, number of instrument approaches, category or class, actual time, and simulated instrument time. Experts advise you to learn to use a paper log before upgrading to online logs, software, or apps.

What are kneeboards?

Kneeboards keep your equipment organized for accessibility and efficiency. Many also hold your phone, tablet, charts, calculators, and pens. They wrap around your knee or upper thigh, and your thigh becomes a surface that props up your essential supplies.