Memorabilia de Aviación

Aviation Memorabilia

Aviation includes the design, creation, production, and the operation of aircraft. It often refers to heavier-than-air aircraft, including airplanes, gyroplanes, ornithopters, radio-controlled planes, helicopters, and warplanes. Since memorabilia is the thoughtful collection of items related to important events and people, this rich selection of artifacts honors the history of flight..

What are the different types of aviation clocks?

There is a wide variety of memorabilia timepieces that were used in aviation adventures and military events. These clocks are valued for their beauty, utility, and history. Whether your style leans toward a Pratt & Whitney WWII R-2800 Northrop Grumman Hellcat Radial Engine Piston Clock or a Vintage Waltham Military Cockpit Dash Clock, youll find a variety of memorabilia timepieces that can be used as mementos. Here are examples of some of the clocks available:

  • WWI Army Waltham XA Aviation Section Signal Corps Military 8-Day Aircraft Clock
  • Pratt & Whitney Martin B-26 Marauder Bomber Plane Radial Engine Piston Clock
  • Vintage Wakmann 8-Day Aircraft Clock Z Timer Serviced 24-Hour Dial
  • Pratt & Whitney 1940’s WWII R-2800 Vought F4U Corsair Radial Engine Piston Clock
Are there aviation memorabilia accessories to wear?

There are many sartorial memorabilia items in the collection to wear and collect. From goggles to cufflinks, the aviation industry provides many options for great looks that will add style and authority to any ensemble. Here are some examples of the types of accessories to add to your wardrobe:

  • Aviator Goggles Seeall Eyes Of the Skies 40s Vintage Racer
  • Vintage WWI Imperial German Aviator Ace Goggles Bi-Plane MotorOld Plane
  • Custom-Made Shriners Tie Tack & Cuff Links Set
  • Last of the Black Hudson Logo Tie Tack - Lapel/Hat Pin
Are there aviation plans that build, fix, and analyze machines?

There is a wealth of material available to the enthusiast who wants to study, build, and understand planes. Options range from the Heath LN Parasol homebuilt airplane plans to the Sopwith Pup plans to the Vintage Bensen B-8 GyroCopter and Gyro-Glider blueprints. Here are some examples of the materials and media to get you flying high:

  • Air Trikes Enterprises — converting Suzuki Engines for Propeller-Driven Craft
  • Zing Ultralight/Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Construction Plans
  • Vintage Bensen Gyro-Glider Building Instructions/Materials List
  • Cloudster Ultralight/Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Construction Plans
  • AW Choppy Hobbycopter Homebuilt Ultralight Helicopter Plans DIY Construction CD
Are pilot wings offered for the memorabilia collector?

Here are some of the rich assortment of memorabilia wings available to the collector:

  • Flying Tigers Sunburst Chinese Golden Finish Wings 3G
  • LAST 30’s-Style Army Air Corps Liaison Wings/Lighter-Than-Air Wings
  • French Foreign Legion — Wild Geese — Mercenary Golden Deluxe Wings 2