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Hyundai Santa Fe Discs, Rotors, and Hardware

The Hyundai Santa Fe is an SUV designed to provide a comfortable driving experience. Having an optimal braking system goes a long way toward delivering complete comfort. When selecting replacement Hyundai Santa Fe discs, rotors, and hardware, understanding how the braking system works will give you the ability to make the most informed decisions.

How does the Hyundai Santa Fe disc brake system operate?

The Hyundai Santa Fe disc braking system is engaged when the driver presses the brake pedal within the vehicle. This causes the master cylinder located within the braking system to force pressurized fluid to the caliper. An internal piston located in the caliper of the Santa Fe is pressed outward. This presses the brake pads against the disc or brake rotor to cause the vehicle to slow down or come to a stop.

What types of Hyundai Santa Fe rotors are there?

There are three main types of brake rotors manufactured for the Hyundai Santa Fe. These types include the standard, slotted, and drilled designs.

  • Standard: A standard disc is one that has a solid flat surface around the entire circumference of the part for the brake pads to press against.
  • Slotted: Slotted discs have slits carved into the surface of the rotor. This allows for heat and gases created by the braking process to be vented away from the part.
  • Drilled: Drilled discs have holes drilled in a specific pattern around the surface of the rotor. These holes provide the same type of ventilation offered with slotted rotors.
Whats the difference between ceramic and metallic brake pads?

Ceramic and metallic, also known as semi-metallic, are two brake pad components that are made for Hyundai automobiles. Ceramic brake pads are made from kiln-dried ceramic materials bonded with copper fibers to make them hard. This type of brake pad is known for having less dust when utilized. Metallic brake pads are made from metal fibers such as copper, brass, and steel, which are bonded together with resin. These components are considered to be universal and are made for all types of moving vehicles.

Where are calipers located in the Hyundai Santa Fe?

There are two different types of calipers manufactured for use on the Hyundai Santa Fe. These models include the fixed and floating options. Fixed calipers are mounted at the side of the wheels of the automobile on a stationary mount. Floating calipers are designed to sit on top of pins. These components are made to move freely from side-to-side along the rotor attached directly to the wheel.

What are brake shims?

There are times when the brake pads do not sit flush against the rotor when the brakes are utilized on the SUV. This causes noise to be produced when the braking system is in operation. Brake shims are designed to fit between the caliper piston and the brake pad. These parts make the small space adjustments necessary to eliminate any unwanted noise and premature wear to the brake pads and rotors on your car.