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Adidas Adizero Athletic Shoes for Men

The styles and shapes of running shoes, including men's athletic shoes from Adidas, have evolved over the years. The Adidas Adizero line athletic shoes for men use advancements in technology combined with certain materials to increase the wearer's traction, comfort, and agility. These Adidas men's shoes combine design, style, and performance features.

What types of shoes are available in the Adizero line?

Not all running shoes have the same features. The Adidas brand offers two types of Adizero shoes for men to wear while exercising or playing sports. While similar in style, each type has different features:

  • Men's Adizero Tempo 9: These lightweight men’s running shoes are designed for flexibility and support. The medial side cushioning provides energy and stability to increase speed while running. The shoes also have extra traction for wet and dry surfaces. Adizero webbing provides additional support of the forefoot, and an air mesh upper increases the airflow. The shoes are available in gray, white, black, and bright yellow, in U.S. men's sizes 7 to 13.
  • Men's Adizero Boston 6: Available in the same colors and sizes as the Adidas Adizero Tempo 9, the Boston 6 is designed for high speeds, with a tight fit intended to help individuals attain their fitness goals. Featuring cushioning for comfort and performance, this style also has an engineered mesh forefoot and a second skin that is breathable and supportive. These Adidas shoes are made for high-speed runners.
What factors should affect your choice of Adizero shoes?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding which Adidas running shoe is right for you. These include:

  • Your correct footwear size: Feet are prone to expand when exercising due to circulation in the body, which can require leaving extra room for the toes when you're resting.
  • What you need your shoes to do: Some running shoes are designed for more control or speed; others focus more on comfort or stability. The right choice depends on the type of activity you plan to use the shoes. Look at the shoes' qualities and construction when deciding if they meet your needs.
  • Your body mechanics: Men's feet land in different ways depending on the way their body mechanics work. Some will lean more toward the inside of their foot while others roll to the outside. Heavy heel strikers need a little more cushioning and tread in the back than those who do not put a lot of weight on their heels. Understanding your gait can make it easier to choose the right variation.
  • The color you prefer: Deciding which color of shoes you want can also make it easier to make the right selection when you shop.
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