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adidas Men's Basketball Sneakers

Adidas Basketball Shoes for Men

Adidas offers a variety of mens sports shoes, including basketball shoes. There are many product lines of basketball shoes by adidas, including adidas Originals, adidas Crazy, Primeknit, Yeezy, Bounce, Kobe Bryant, Harden, and Crazy Explosive. These adidas basketball shoes for men come in black, white, and a variety of other colors and are available in mens United States standard sizes 8.5 to 13.

What features do mens Adidas basketball shoes have?
  • Lightweight outsole: Basketball players often run, jump, and turn quickly, and thus may require a basketball shoe with a lightweight outsole such as the one provided by Adidas shoes. This feature of adidas sports shoes also helps absorb some of the impact that would otherwise go to your feet.
  • Anatomical lacing: Some adidas sneakers also offer anatomical lacing systems. laces wrap around the entire foot in an effort to relieve pressure.
  • Cushioning TPU memory foam: The insoles of the adidas athletic shoes also feature a cushioning TPU memory foam. Cloudfoam is a proprietary material used in basketball shoes by adidas and extends from the mid-ball of the foot all the way back to your heels.
What materials are mens adidas athletic shoes made from?
  • Leather and suede: Basketball shoes by adidas often have a leather upper portion. In some adidas sneakers, the upper portion of the shoes is suede.
  • Cotton and canvas: Cotton and canvas are lightweight materials that may make up the upper portion of adidas sneakers.
  • Synthetics: Basketball shoes by adidas also include a range of synthetic materials. The upper part of the shoes may be made from synthetic materials that have a leathery finish. Adidas basketball shoes also have synthetic foam in the interior, nylon in the laces, and tubular plastic in the heels.
How do you clean adidas basketball shoes?

Your basketball shoes may get black scuff marks on the white soles or streaks of black dirt on the white uppers and laces. To clean your Adidas sneakers, use a boot size brush on the bottom to remove trapped dirt. Use a clean damp cloth to remove any leftover residue from the bottom of the basketball shoes. Dampen a small, clean cloth with soapy water and wipe the white upper portions of the sneakers. Use a sponge to remove stubborn dirt. Finally, dry the shoes with a small microfiber cloth to dry the exterior parts of the adidas sports shoes.

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