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ZEISS Vintage Camera Lenses

ZEISS vintage camera lenses are available to be paired with a wide range of different cameras. There are a large variety of vintage lens types available, ranging from macro lenses to telephoto lenses that you can mount on your camera's body. These vintage lenses allow you to capture many kinds of photographs, and they can work well with camera brands such as Nikon, Sony, and Contaflex.

What are the different types of ZEISS camera lenses available?

There are many different vintage Carl ZEISS lens types available for you to choose from, including wide angle, teleconverter, and macro. Each vintage lens will specify if it can work in auto and manual focus modes.

  • Macro: This is a type of photography that is designed to capture pictures at an extremely close range, which allows for the production of smaller items at a larger-than-life size. This type of ZEISS lens is typically used for the capture of insects, flowers, and other small objects in order to display every detail of the subject of the photo.
  • Teleconverter: This is a type of ZEISS lens that is designed to add more zoom to the current lens that you mount on your camera. It is usually placed between your current lens and the camera body.
  • Telephoto: This is a type of lengthy vintage ZEISS lens that is meant to offer a longer focal length, which makes for a narrow field of view as well as a magnified picture. You can also think of this as a zoom lens.
  • Wide angle: The focal length of these ZEISS vintage lenses is small in order to provide a wide-angle image that captures more in a single picture.
  • Fisheye: This is a type of vintage ultra-wide-angle ZEISS lens that you mount to allow for the creation of a wide, panoramic image that leads to a unique distortion at the edges of the picture.
What does the aperture of a camera lens refer to?

When you notice the aperture setting on the vintage ZEISS lenses that you are considering, this is a setting that you can control to alter how much light is allowed through the lens. When combined with different shutter speeds, the size of the aperture will determine how much the image will be exposed to light. Apertures are listed as f/1.0 or higher. A lower number indicates a large aperture that lets in more light. Higher numbers of f/16 or f/22 indicate a smaller maximum aperture that allows less light to get in.

What is the focal length of a camera lens?

Focal length refers to the distance between the image sensor of the camera and the lens. Some examples of focal lengths are 35mm, 50mm, and 85mm, although focal lengths can extend to more than 100 millimeters. The shorter the focal length, the wider the captured image will be. Longer focal lengths allow for less compression or distortion within the picture along with a smaller field of view.

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