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Get Your Groove Back with a Yanagisawa Saxophone

Tone makes a saxophone stand out and everyone pay attention. The steady tone of a clean Yanagisawa saxophone may be necessary for a large ensemble, and you’ll find the volume needed to reach a crowd with a solo. The tone of saxophone you seek is made by Yanagisawa that uses a few stylish coats to catch the eye.

Are all saxophones made from brass?

Performance-grade Yanagisawa saxophones are made from bronze also. Listed are options that are polished with a sterling silver coat that still appear with a brass tint. The silver-plated saxes, however, have a strong contrast from the gold-like lacquer of a brass instrument. Pink gold is a stand-out option for the new or used saxophone, and it’s sealed for an outer shell that lasts.

A proven science behind the tone of a sax

The reliability of Yanagisawa saxophones make them ready to play now. You’ll discover consistency in the following:

  • Volume - The saxophone, depending on whether it’s an alto, soprano, tenor, or bass, is set with a specific change in the way it bends. These changes are honored to keep the sax tone true and the volume consistent.
  • Tone - The core tone of a sax is a result of how the saxophone receives its airflow and then directs it for an outward thrust. The result is a core tone that’s certainly “sax” and that’s achieved repeatedly.
  • Tuning - The set tuning of a saxophone relies on the placement of keys and the holes they cover. Affordable saxophones are installed with a rib that floats the keys and allows them to freely move as you apply pressure.
Where you can begin your search

The dynamic Yanagisawa assembly offers variety due to these tones:

  • Tenor - Many recognize this saxophone because of its wide application. It reaches high pitches with the right breath and can manage lower notes with the right fingering.
  • Alto - The alto saxophone appears like the tenor, for it has a bend at its end, but its pitch is higher and its size smaller. Yanagisawa makes these in polished bronze or plated silver.
  • Soprano - Here’s where you discover the highest notes set for the modern saxophone. The soprano is elongated with no curve, and it sustains tone from a set mouthpiece that uses a thin reed.
  • Baritone - Baritones push out bass and are stored in hard cases to accommodate their large sizes.