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Exceptional Packaging with Stylish Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is principally used to decoratively encase presents, but it can also be used for certain craft projects, like making gift tags. With so many varieties of wrapping paper options available, it's easy to utilise it as an extension of a gift for any occasion. If you wish to buy ornamental paper that suits your needs, you can easily find something casual or formal.

Characters available on wrapping paper

There are many recognisable characters featured on wrapping paper. Some include:

  • Hello Kitty
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Super Mario
  • Care Bears
  • Toy Story characters
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Pikachu
Can you buy multiple types of assorted wrapping paper at one time?

It is possible to buy ones with various prints at one time. You may be able to buy birthday wrapping paper as well as types for additional gift-giving occasions. The paper might come in roll or sheet form, and how much you get of each variety depends on an individual listing. The description will usually indicate the measurement and quantity of each type you're getting, so you're able to buy the amount and size you need.

The types of wrapping paper you can buy

Whether you're looking for new or pre-owned wrapping paper, you can find loads of affordable options. You can find a Fortnite wrapping paper roll, bling wrapping paper, an assortment of cheap wrapping paper, various patterns, and more.

If patterned isn't what you desire, there are options that provide the same style and function just without the markings, and they come in multiple shades to use any time of the year. Typically, you'll be able to purchase them with a metallic or matte finish or with an entirely glittered surface.

Is reversible paper available?

Reversible paper is often available and essentially gives you two paper options in one. Each usable side is a different color or design but is often geared toward the same specific theme, such as a candy cane striped print on one side and Christmas animals on the other for Christmas gifting.

Can you buy vintage wrapping paper?

Using vintage wrapping paper is an easy way to bring a little of the style of gift-giving past into the present. It can even make for a fun backdrop for vintage photos. It is possible to find some of this type of paper sealed in its original plastic, but some might also be unused without the packaging. There is also used wrapping paper that's vintage and unwrapped and may be remnants of an original sheet or roll.