Juego de Caza Whitetail Institute Alimentadores y piensos

Whitetail Institute Hunting Game Feeders and Feed

The Whitetail Institute of North America is based in Alabama and makes products to improve the quality of whitetail deer for hunting season. The company engages in scientific research to develop new strains of seeds that provide the specific nutritional profile this species needs for growing larger antlers and more muscle. Whether you are a hunter, farmer, or commercial hunting operation, you can find a product to suit your needs.

What products does Whitetail Institute of North America make?

You can choose from a wide selection of Imperial Whitetail brand seeds to plant a food plot on your property. The plantings will draw deer and keep them there.

The company also produces a line of Imperial Whitetail nutritional supplements. These supplements are targeted toward the seasonal needs of bucks and help keep them in prime shape.

How do you use Whitetail Institute of North America seeds?

Most Imperial brand seeds are designed to be planted in tilled soil, just as you would plant a garden. There are a couple of no-plow options for food plots in areas that are too difficult to reach with gardening equipment.

You can choose from perennial or annual blends. The perennial choices should produce for about five years. Depending on the blend you choose, the seeds are available in bags from 4 to 50 pounds and will cover an area from 0.5 to 4.5 acres.

What plants do the seeds produce?

The Whitetail Institute of North America makes blends for a variety of soil conditions and soil quality. They are geared toward spring and summer planting or fall and winter planting. Some of the Imperial Whitetail choices include:

  • Clover or clover and chicory blend
  • Beets and greens
  • Grains, radishes, lettuce, clover, and brassica
  • Oats
  • Soybeans, sunflowers, hemp, and peas
How do you use Whitetail Institute nutritional supplements?

Supplements are used to provide extra vitamins and minerals to the deer on your property. Some Imperial Whitetail formulas also contain added protein. Supplements are available in either powder or block form.

To use the powder, simply rake a small area of ground and mix it in with the dirt. For the blocks, leave them on the surface of the ground for the deer to lick. The 25-pound blocks are scored, so you can break them apart to use in several locations.

What benefits do food plots from the seeds produce?

Food plots are intended to provide increased growth and better nutrition for bigger, healthier deer. The high protein content of the forage contributes to stronger bones and increased antler size. The deer will also be more heavily muscled, so you can harvest more meat per animal.

The food plots and nutritional supplements also support the health of the does during pregnancy. They may have stronger, healthier fawns and produce more milk. The overall goal is to have a deer herd that produces large, healthy, attractive game animals.

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