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Volcom Men's Coats and Jackets

Volcom makes a range of coats and jackets for men. Many of them are made to shield people from wind, rain, and snow. The lightweight options can be worn in milder weather, and the heavier pieces can be worn on cold winter days and on the ski slopes.

How do you determine which size to order?

Volcom uses a size guide that's based on a number of body measurements. In inches, you'll need to take measurements of your height, chest and torso, and arms. The chest measurement should be taken over the mid-pectoral area. For the arm measurement, extend an arm out to shoulder level. Measure from mid-neck to where your thumb meets your wrist. The size guide is:

  • X-small: Height: 66-67 inches; Torso: 32-34 inches; Sleeve: 30-31.5 inches
  • Small: Height: 68-70 inches; Torso: 34-36 inches; Sleeve: 32-33 inches
  • Medium: Height: 70-73 inches; Torso: 38-40 inches; Sleeve: 33.5-34.5 inches
  • Large: Height: 71-74 inches; Torso: 42-44 inches; Sleeve: 35-36 inches
  • X-large: Height: 72-75 inches; Torso 44-46 inches; Sleeve: 36-37 inches
  • XX-large: Height 72-75 inches; Torso: 46-48 inches; Sleeve: 36-37 inches
What styles are available?

Volcom has a wide selection of styles, and many of those styles can come in a variety of colors. While the general design quality of the brand’s jackets leans toward darker tones like black or gray, it has options in most colors. There are lightweight, waterproof, and parka jackets, to include:

  • Flannel jackets
  • Down-lined coats
  • Bomber jackets
  • Leather jackets
  • Denim jackets
What materials are Volcom jackets made of?

Volcom uses several different materials to construct their jackets. The difference in material is partially determined by the type of occasion the jacket is intended for. For example, casual flannel jackets are likely made of a cotton blend whereas a motorcycle jacket will be made of leather. If you are purchasing a snowboarding jacket, it may have down in addition to Gore-Tex water resistance. The materials that Volcom uses include:

  • 100 percent cotton
  • Wool
  • Down
  • Denim
  • Gore-Tex
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
How do you wash a Volcom jacket?

How you wash your jacket is partially determined by what material the jacket is made of. Cotton or cotton blends can undergo normal wash and dry cycles. If the item has polyester in it, it should be allowed to line dry or to dry at a low temperature setting. Gore-Tex is also most ideally air dried in order to fully maintain the fabric's water resistance. Detailed instructions are included in tags sewn into each jacket.