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Vintage Folding Bikes

Several companies produce folding bicycles that you can use as a means of transportation on your next outing. Many of these bicycles are vintage, so you might collect them for display purposes or to use. Knowing what folding bike brands, colors, types, and gear options are available to you can help you choose the vintage folding bike that meets your needs.

How do folding bikes work?

Unlike other types of vintage bicycles, folding bikes are not constructed from a single unit. While most bicycles consist of a metal frame with accessories, such as the wheels, seat, handles, and pedals attached, a bike that folds is different. It has a body that consists of several pieces rather than just one. The folding action allows you to collapse the bike into itself to make it smaller. Once you fold the bike completely, you can carry it by hand or make extra storage space when you are not transporting it. The chains and gears on your bike are usually in the center when the unit is folded to keep them away from your clothing or other items. Most of these bikes will lock in place once you collapse them so that they don't come undone during transport.

What features does the Auto-Mini vintage folding bike have?

The Auto-Mini Land Rover model folding bicycle includes the following specifications and features.

  • This vintage folding bicycle features a red body complete with the Auto-Mini logo on the sides.
  • It has a bike seat made of brown leather that you can adjust to suit your preferred height while sitting.
  • The wheels, handlebars, gears, and chains are all included with the bike to ensure you can use it right away.
  • It is divided into segments to make sure you can pick it up for storage or transport as necessary.
  • There is a handle extending from the body of the bicycle past its front wheel. When the folding bike is not in use, you can use this handle to pick it up for carrying.
What are the specifications for the Dahon Stow Away?

The Dahon Stow Away folding bike has the following specifications listed below.

  • This bicycle has a green frame with overlaid with white lettering to denote the make and model title.
  • It features two 20-inch wheels rimmed in white. The overall size of the unit is based on the size of its wheels.
  • This model has a rear coaster style braking mechanism.
  • It is manufactured by the Japanese company Dahon.
  • The handlebars, seat, chains, and other accessories are all included.
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