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Choosing Vintage Flies For Your Collection

Fly fishing is an extremely popular activity throughout the world. Thousands of people take part in fly fishing for fish like trout and bass every single day, and they use thousands of different flies, depending on where they are fishing and what they are trying to catch. In some cases, a particular fly may be so old or so popular that it becomes rare, as is the case with many older style vintage flies. 

How Do I Choose Lures and Flies for My Collection? 

Really, when it comes down to it, different people will choose different types of lures and flies for their collection, depending on what they are going to use them for and on how experienced they are when it comes to fishing. Think about the following when looking for vintage fly fishing tackle: 

  • Do you actually want to use the tackle? A lot of old lures, including poppers and spinners, are popular among fishing enthusiasts because they actually work! Unlike many lower quality new products, old fishing gear is actually very effective when targeting fish like salmon and trout. 
  • Do you want to display it? If you are actually a vintage fishing gear collector, then you should think about what sort of collectible and antique fly fishing gear and flies you want to add to your cupboard. 
  • How much are you willing to spend? A lot of collectors of vintage fishing gear have to compete regular fishermen when finding old fishing lures and fly fishing gear for the above mentioned reason: vintage fly fishing gear actually works! This can push the price of old flies and lures up and make them quite expensive. 

What Are Considerations to Make for Vintage Fly Fishing Gear? 

If you enjoy collecting old or antique fishing gear, then you need to be careful to make sure that it isn't damaged. Think about the following qualities: 

  • The condition of the piece - Pay particular attention to the condition of your potential flies and fly fishing gear. If they are wood, make sure that the varnish isn't peeling. If they have been used in rivers to target larger species, make sure that the hooks aren't damaged. 
  • The size of the fly - Many flies, like salmon flies and other bait imitations, are actually quite big. Make sure that you know how big it is, or you might be surprised when you receive it. 
  • The maker - Avoid fake or imitation vintage fishing gear. Make sure that you can verify who the maker is.