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Univox Guitar Amplifiers

Musicians appreciate Univox amplifiers for their distinct, vintage sounds. These guitar amps come in tube or solid-state configurations. Univox equipment has been used by many reknowned performing artists, such as Jeff Beck, Kurt Cobain and the band Led Zeppelin.

What types of amplifiers does Univox make?

Univox made a wide variety of amplifiers for guitars throughout the 60s and 70s. They manufactured some of the first solid-state amps. They also had many tube amps available. The company produced small combo amps suitable for practice and learning. Midsized versions were created for the working musician. They even made amp heads and separate speaker cabinets for playing in large venues. Combo amps came with an array of speaker combinations. Everything from 8-inch to 15-inch speakers was available in single-speaker models. Some of them offered common effects such as reverb and tremolo. Here are a few of the Univox models:

  • U45 All-Tube - This guitar amp features a 12-inch Jensen speaker in its cabinet. The tube configurations use a 12AX7, two ecl82 tubes, and a 6-by-4 rectifier tube.
  • Univox 3-channel 15 watt - This is a versatile practice or performance amp. It is suitable for use with the guitar or keyboards. It features built-in tremolo and reverb effects.
  • Stage 400 2X12 - This powerhouse features two 12-inch speakers and 90 watts of power. It has a gain channel, great cleans, and reverb.
  • Unicord Stage 65 - This solid-state combo is generally good enough for small gigs or band practice. It features fuzz, tremolo, and spring-reverb effects.
Are Univox amps still being made?

Univox amps are no longer being made, which is what makes the vintage ones so desirable to guitar players. Many of their old products are based on amps from Fender, Vox, and Marshall. The Univox company still exists as a guitar manufacturer under a different name, but they stopped producing amps in the early 80s.

What do Univox amplifiers sound like?

The sound of the amp largely depends on the specific one you choose and your guitar. Many of them are built to replicate the sounds of classic amps from the 60s and 70s, such as amps by Fender. Their solid-state guitar amps are known for having nice cleans with a lot of headroom. Their tube versions are known for having warm, vintage tones. The fuzz effects can give your guitar a good approximation of Jimi Hendrix's tone. The spring reverb they used has a nice, full, echoing sound.

Are these amps suitable for gigs?

Many of the products are well-suited for small gigs or even for ones at larger venues. Any of their tube combos or tube heads with 20 watts or more of power could work well in a small club. They can be used for bigger gigs if they’re set up with a microphone and sent through the PA system. The company made a number of high-powered solid-state amps and tube amps that produce plenty of volume. You should have no trouble being heard over the drums with any of those choices.