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Troy-Bilt Lawn Mower Transaxles

A perfectly manicured lawn with healthy grass remains the goal of homeowners everywhere, and a lawn mower that functions well is paramount to achieving this goal. When the time comes to upgrade or replace your lawn mower transaxle, you will know that your mower operates to its full capacity from blade to riding seat to rear wheel. Troy-Bilt lawn mover transaxles get the job done with all the models, from a riding mower that dispenses mulch to a standard push lawn mower with side discharge and self-propelled action on each wheel.

What is a transaxle?

Troy-Bilt lawn mower transaxles are available in various types. You can find a mower transaxle, a variable speed transaxle, and a hydro transmission transaxle. A transaxle is an important part of each Troy-Bilt lawn mower that compresses the functions of the transmission, the differential, and the basic structure of the axle into one integrated part. A rear-driven, rear-wheel drive transaxle, such as one on a Troy-Bilt lawn mower, provides crucial support to the goal of a home framed in perfect grass.

How does the transaxle affect applying mulch?

The main difference in transaxles is the placement within the structure of the machine: longitudinal or transverse. For example, a lawn tractor may use a transverse placement of a hydrostatic transaxle containing these basic elements:

  • Shafts for the idler, input, counter
  • Clutches and gears
  • Bearings

Will you need to change or add fluids?

A riding mower is ideal for applying mulch, but you can also show care for your home by using a simpler walk-behind mower as long as it contains the proper transaxle. Mulch conserves water usage by trapping water close to any plants roots, and the smooth, jiggle-free operation of a Troy-Bilt transaxle ensures an even distribution.

Does the terrain affect transaxle and wheel use?

You will need to verify that the transmission fluid remains at its optimal level for use. If the fluid was drained fully or partially before you received the part, then topping up or even changing out the fluid completely assures proper operation of the transaxle.

Just as much as you would tighten each wheel and double-check the correct amount of mulch on your side discharge riding machine before mowing, you must consider the terrain you traverse. Steep or hilly surfaces ask more of the transaxle, and if your property is over one acre, then maintaining the transaxle proves critical for effective use.

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