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Trek Vintage Bicycles

Whether you're into riding to work or cycling along mountain trails or around your neighborhood, a bicycle can be a useful mode of travel. These Trek vintage bicycles come in an array of frame sizes, ranging from 18 inches to 24 inches. These trek bicycles were manufactured primarily in the 1980s, although some models were made in the 1990s and 2000s.

What are the different types of Trek vintage bikes available?
  • Mountain bike: This is a type of vintage bicycle that is designed for off-road riding along mountain trails or on any type of unpaved road. They consist of large wheels and heavy frames as well as cross-wise handlebars. The gear ratios available with mountain bikes extend from low ratios to high ratios, as you can find single-speed bikes as well as ones with 16 speeds or more.
  • Road bike - racing: This type of bicycle is designed for road racing in competitions. They are comprised of light frames and narrow wheels as well as drop handlebars. These vintage bicycles are designed in a way that positions the front and back wheel close to one another.
  • Road bike - touring: This is a type of bicycle that is meant for any kind of lengthy travel on the road. They consist of relatively heavy frames and wide wheels.
Which materials are the Trek vintage bicycle frames made from?
  • Steel: This is a hard metal that oftentimes comes in a gray or bluish-gray color and is comprised of both carbon and iron. It is known as an alloy, which is a combination of at least two metals, and is available in a variety of different types that range from low-background steel and stainless steel to long steel.
  • Aluminum: This is a light metal that comes in a silvery-gray color and is typically combined with several other metals such as magnesium in order to create an aluminum alloy. This alloy is then used in the creation of Trek bicycle frames.
  • Composite: This involves any type of material that is made from at least two other materials with vastly different chemical or physical properties. When combined, these distinctly different materials lead to the creation of a material that is comprised of characteristics that are unique to the ones found with the initial materials. The composite materials used for the manufacturing of bikes typically consist of carbon fiber.
What are some colors available with these vintage bicycles?

These vintage bicycles by Trek are available in a wide range of colors, the most prominent of which are red and blue. Some extra color options that you can select include black, gold, green, silver, and yellow. A small selection of these cycles come in multiple colors with combinations like black and yellow, and blue and white.