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Everything You Need to Know About Tilt Shift Adapters

Tilt shift adapters were designed to help professionals in fields such as architecture take better pictures. The tilt and shift functions change the lines of the photo to help you get the perspective you want on the image youre photographing. eBay carries a large supply of new and used tilt shift adapters to fit most cameras to help you get the image you want.

What does the tilt and shift functions do?

The tilt and shift functions work in the following ways:

  • Tilt function:The tilt function is used to move the angle the lens up or down to change the plane of focus to minimize or maximize the depth of focus. This helps to create various styles like the miniature effect where people or items look smaller in a photograph than they normally would.
  • Shift function:The shift function allows you to change the plane of focus of the camera up and down or side to side. This helps to produce a picture with straight lines so an image looks flat instead of angled like it does when you point a camera upward to take a picture. Pointing the camera upward without a tilt shift adapter typically makes an item appear to be leaning inward as if it is turning into a pyramid-shaped structure. The adapter helps to make it look like its standing linear and straight up.
How do you use the \"shift\" function?

An adapter usually has two dials on it. One dial moves the camera up and down and the other dial moves it side to side. You point the camera level and straight ahead at the object you are photographing to set the angle of the camera. You adjust the dials to lift the lens up (or to go side to side) so you keep a \"straight-on\" perspective on what you are photographing without any distortion.

Can a tilt shift adapter be used on all cameras?

The tilt shift adapters are designed to be placed on the lens mount of cameras for which the adapter was made to fit. Adapters are made to meet the specifications of the individual camera manufacturers to fit the makes and models of cameras they produce. However, cameras without a lens mount cannot use a tilt shift adapter because there is nothing to attach it to on those types of cameras.

Are there universal tilt shift adapters available?

There are not universal tilt shift adapters available to fit different makes and models of cameras. You need to make sure you obtain an adapter that was designed to fit your specific camera.