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Throttle Body for Jeep Cherokee

With the Jeep Cherokee, you have a great, all-purpose vehicle you can take almost anywhere. A broken or clogged throttle body can drastically affect performance. With a replacement throttle body for Jeep Cherokee, you can maintain top performance.

How does the throttle body work?

In order for engine fuel to burn, it needs two additional things: air and a spark. The throttle body controls the flow of air, and this balance determines the amount of ignition. When you press the accelerator, the throttle opens and adds oxygen to fuel from the injector. The spark plugs then ignite the mixture. Over time, throttles can become clogged or wear out due to fuel vapors. If necessary, you can replace this part as a whole or by pieces. Here are the main sections you may need to replace:

  • Position sensor: This sensor tracks the current throttle position and relays this information to your Jeeps electronic and mechanical systems. Because the sensor sits close to fuel vapors, its often the first part to get dirty and fail.
  • Valve: The exit valve of the throttle body releases oxygen into the engine. As the moving piece closest to the engine, this metal plate can get clogged and damaged over time.
  • Wiring and connectors: In addition to these main pieces, you will see wiring and connective ends, and these can also wear out over time. In order to function properly, the throttle body connects to the air intake manifold, the engine, and the gas pedal. If any of these connective pieces become clogged or worn, you may be able to repair or replace them separately.
How can you find replacement throttle body parts?

Because size requirements will vary by vehicle, searching for the correct equipment is essential. Here are the key points you will want to keep in mind when finding replacements:

  • Year and trim: First, make sure to have both the year and the trim handy. The Jeep Cherokee name includes a combination of SUV and crossover builds over a span of several decades. FJ and SJ models made from 1974 through 1990 differ greatly from the KL models released starting in 2013. Even in the same release year, Jeep sometimes released different trims with different engines and therefore different requirements.
  • Parts and kits: Depending on your needs, you can search for individual components, bundled kits, or the whole unit
  • Bored 62 millimeter upgrade: The stock air intake of most Cherokee models measures 60 millimeters in diameter. With internal spacers to adjust for size, a 62 millimeter intake gives slightly more flow. Increased oxygen allows for faster acceleration and improved performance when you hit the gas. Often you will find this upgrade listed as bored, meaning that mechanics re-sized stock equipment from 60 millimeters up to 62 millimeters.