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Ford Freestyle Throttle Body

Upgrading or replacing the throttle body in your Ford Freestyle can help improve the performance of your engine. There are many OEM and aftermarket options available, and with the right information you’ll be able to locate the one for your specific needs. Here are some of the questions that may come up in your search for a replacement.

What does a throttle body do in your Ford Freestyle?

This part controls the amount of air that is supplied to the engine in your vehicle and increases the amount of fuel to be injected into the engine. There are some replacements available for the Freestyle that allow you to increase the airflow above the stock parts and are commonly used in modifications for increased performance.

What are some tips for purchasing a performance throttle body?

Purchasing a racing or performance replacement can help your vehicle outperform OEM standards. Here are some tips for selecting one that will meet your needs.

  • As with any modification to your vehicle, you want to make sure the replacement throttle body you purchase will be emissions legal for the state in which you’re using your Ford Freestyle.
  • Select a racing throttle body based on the future upgrades you’re planning for your car. If you plan on supercharging your Ford Freestyle, you will want to select a larger throttle body.
  • Select a throttle body that will be compatible with your Ford Freestyle. You should get the model year, model, and make information for your vehicle to use in your search. For some model years, there may be some cross compatibility with the Ford Five Hundred and the Mercury Montego.
  • Don’t select a throttle body that’s too large for your Ford Freestyle. Larger throttle body replacements need to have the motor revved higher to notice a difference, and you can experience negative performance at lower RPMs.
What are some tips for selecting a throttle-body spacer?

A spacer can be another alternative to purchasing a larger throttle body. This option attaches a piece of metal to the back of the throttle body. This will be an non-OEM modification and helps by increasing the air speed. When searching for this option, you may want to search for throttle kits that will have the parts needed to perform the upgrade. Make sure the kit you purchase is compatible with the motor in your Ford Freestyle.

What types of throttle-body parts are available for Fords?

If you’re looking for a stock throttle body, an OEM replacement may be a better option. Ford discontinued the Freestyle in 2009, so you may have some difficulty finding new replacement options. When searching for used OEM parts, you will have the option of remanufactured throttle-body replacements and salvaged parts. If you’re looking for larger throttle-body replacements, you will have to search for aftermarket upgrades.