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Improve the Sound of Your Records with a Technics Turntable Tonearm

Technics is a brand made by Panasonic. Known for a range of quality turntables, Technics also makes a variety of accessories and replacement parts. These Technics turntable tonearms are an important part of a record player and can impact sound quality.

What are the components of a tonearm?

A tonearm is basically a lever with the following parts:

  • Cartridge: The cartridge is mounted at the end of the tonearm. The cartridge contains magnets and coils that create the electromagnetic field that makes the record player work.
  • Stylus: The stylus or needle is attached to the cartridge. This is the part that comes into contact with the record.
  • Counterbalance: The counterweight makes it possible to maintain constant pressure. Often, the counterweight, located at the end of a tonearm, is adjustable. These parts are often sold separately as replacement parts.
  • Wire: The arm contains wires that connect to the cartridge. These include cords for each side of the cartridge and a ground wire. Wires can often be purchased as a separate replacement part.
What does the turntable do?

A tonearm is in some ways the foundation for your turntable's audio. The tonearm needs to have an adequate level of pressure so the needle can read the record. At the same time, the arm cannot exert too much pressure or records will wear too quickly. Using the proper tonearm along with the proper tension can influence your sound.

What are some features of Technics tonearms?

Models of Technics tonearms are differentiated from one another via the following features:

  • Connector: The shape of the connector and number of pins can be one unique feature differentiating models from one another. Some mount at the bottom of the record player. Others have a mount at the end and attach horizontally to another piece.
  • Signal leads: Not every tonearm comes with connecting wires. This can depend on the type of machine and the model number of the turntable. It may also depend on the type of cartridge.
  • Material: Some assemblies are composed entirely of highly polished metal. Others include plastic and rubber elements. This depends on the model and other attributes of your turntable.
  • Model: Technics makes a wide range of record players. The brand has also been through at least two iterations. Post-2015, Technics makes high-end record players. Pre-2010 models may use more economy materials.
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