Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Remote Controls for Roku

The right remote control gives you access to all of your media and allows you to select the mode of operation, the function, and the display options. A remote control also makes it more convenient to enjoy your leisure time without having to get up and to push buttons on a player or television. On eBay, you can choose from a variety of new and used Roku remote controls with different features and function options.

What are the available types of a Roku remote control?

The available types of Roku remote controls on eBay include:

  • Set top box/TV receiver remote: This type controls the HD converter box and the television.
  • TV: These remotes control the functions of the TV.
  • Home audio: Use this to control the receiver, speakers, and woofer in your home audio setup.
  • Universal: This style is designed to control all types of TVs and connected equipment.
What are some of the features for a Roku remote?

The features of new and used Roku remotes include:

  • Color coding: The buttons are color-coded to help you find the one you need.
  • Shortcuts: Push a single button to get to specific media streaming or television services instead of navigating through multiple menus.
  • Snap-in battery compartment: No tools are needed in order to access the battery compartment, but batteries are necessary to keep the remote functional.
What are the compatibility options for a new Roku remote?

The compatibility options for a new Roku remote include:

  • Cable box: The remote may also control your cable television box.
  • Home audio equipment: The remote may be able to control your home theater or audio equipment such as a stereo receiver or a DVD player.
  • TV remote: This remote is compatible with different makes and models of televisions.
How do you choose an affordable Roku remote on eBay?

It can be difficult to decide which aspects of a remote are applicable to your viewing preferences. Therefore, when you are shopping on eBay for a Roku remote, consider its:

  • Brand: The options include Logitech, 3M, RCA, Magnavox, Samsung, and Roku. There are also unbranded remote controls available for Roku television.
  • Audio input: Some of the remotes have a built-in headphone jack.
  • Functionality: Some of the units have a pair function for the streaming service.
  • Style: Choose a remote layout with the most commonly used functions at the center or with a vertical layout of the buttons.
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