Rifles de aire Stoeger

Stoeger Air Rifles

Air rifles, also known as airguns, are commonly used in the game of Airsoft, in which players shoot at each other with plastic air pellets to try to tag players on the other team to eliminate them. Stoeger produces air rifles that look nearly indistinguishable from real rifles. Stoeger rifles come in a number of different sizes, types, power levels, styles, and more, so it is important to decide what air rifle you require before selecting a model.

How are Stoeger air rifles powered?

All Stoeger rifles are spring-powered, meaning that they utilize a user-compressed spring to shoot the pellets. These rifles incorporate a cocking mechanism to compress the spring inside the weapon. Their guns are all single-cocking guns, which means that the gun can be primed to fire very quickly.

How is the power of Stoeger air rifles measured?

An air rifle's power is measured in FPS, or feet per second. This number is indicative of the speed of the pellet as it is fired out of the gun. A faster speed often correlates to a farther shooting distance. Stoeger rifles vary from around 550 feet per second to more than 1,500 feet per second.

How does barrel length affect pellet shooting?

In general, a longer air rifle barrel may help improve shooting accuracy as it provides the pellets with a longer distance to travel before leaving the barrel of the gun. The X3 model has a barrel length of just 11.75 inches whereas the X20S model includes a 16.5-inch barrel. This added length helps increase accuracy with the higher firepower, but the shorter length on the X3 model helps improve maneuverability.

What scope options are available for Stoeger air rifles?

There are a number of scopes that are available for these airguns, each of which has different specifications. Scopes are measured using two different numbers.

  • Power: The first of these numbers can either be a single number, such as three, or a range, such as four-16. These numbers indicate how much power the scope has. A power of three means that the target appears three times closer than it really is. The range means that you can adjust the power to any number in that range.
  • Lens size: The second number, which is often 32 or 40, refers the lens diameter in millimeters. A larger diameter scope may allow for increased power, but if a scope has too large of a diameter, it may be difficult to look through or maneuver.
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