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Stetson Mens Hats

Stetson epitomizes the cowboy and western hat, country western sensibilities, and the folklore of cowboys, frontiersmen, ranchers, and all things rodeo. Just the mention of the name connotes masculinity, virility, and classic American culture. The brand is renowned for durability, a simple silhouette, and timeless stylishness.

What is the traditional Stetson hat style?

The classic Stetson hat style is a variation on a fedora. However, the basic Stetson fedora shape continuously evolves and morphs into related country and western styles. The classic Stetson cowboy hat shape is a fedora crown, which has either a center dent, teardrop shape, or a pinched crown with twin temple dents. Brim widths vary, but cowboy hat brims are typically wide. Ten-gallon hats with brims upturned on both sides are signature. They are the sorts of hats you find on the heads of rodeo stars and country and western singers.

How do you find your hat size?

You have to measure the circumference of your head, and then select the hat size that corresponds to your measurement. To measure your head, wrap a cloth tape measure around your head laterally at about the level of your mid-forehead. The resulting measurement is your hat size.

This measurement may correspond to centimeters, inches, or fitted hat sizes, depending on how the hat owner expresses the measurements of the hat.

Can you resize your Stetson hat?

You can stretch your Stetson hat about half a size larger or slightly more. This stretching is seldom permanent, and most Stetson wool and felt hats shrink back to their original size after exposure to moisture. Fortunately, most Stetson hats are designed to be easily taken down at least one whole size. Youre in luck if you get a large Stetson that you want to decrease in size.

How do you pack your Stetson for travel?

Only Stetsons family of crushable hats can withstand confined spaces for long periods without losing their iconic silhouette. These hats, made of wool, felt, and occasionally straw, can be squished, rolled, folded, and tucked into tight spots. At your destination, you just pull your hat out, unfold it, and put it on your head, and its silhouette immediately returns. These hats are typically softer in texture.

How do you register a Stetson hat?

Stetson only registers cowboy hats that are 100X quality or up. Stetson uses the letter X to indicate the quality and amount of beaver fur in cowboy hats or to indicate the weave tightness and narrowness of straw in woven hats. The higher the amount of X, the higher the quality. Fur and woven cowboy hats are often mixtures of various kinds of materials, which Stetson does not disclose. These mixtures account for lower X counts, and the related mixtures of fur and straw are the companys trade secrets.

Luckily, hats that are 100x quality automatically come with a certificate of registration, so they are already registered.