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Starters for Jeep TJ

Add a touch of extra security to your next road trip with a durable Jeep Wrangler TJ starter backing things up. Whether you are in town or on the trail, it is essential for your truck to start on demand. A reliable and compatible TJ starter assures that it will.

What are some common starters for the Jeep TJ?

Several kinds of starters exist, each with their own set of benefits.

  • Direct drive - This starter type features shafts that run directly from the electric motors to the pinion gears. While this design results in 1:1 gear ratios between pinions and crankshafts, some reduction occurs due to the size difference between the two gears.
  • Gear reduction - Reduction models have indirect reduction gears in between the electric motor and the crankshaft. The reduction gear takes rotational energy from the electric motor and proportionally increases the spin rate. This design enables engineers to create relatively small starters that take up less space yet still put out significant amounts of torque. These capabilities make gear reduction models a go to choice for outdoor and sports vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler TJ.
  • Permanent magnet - Instead of field coils, this kind of starter motor uses permanent magnets for magnetic field generation. As a result, these designs tend to create less heat than other types of starters. In addition, many permanent magnet models include planetary reduction gears for extra torque.
How can you tell when TJ starter failure is imminent?

It pays to get the opinion of a trained professional before making any starter related decisions. That said, most starters exhibit similar signs when something goes wrong.

  • Over-spinning - The pinion gear teeth on both direct drive and reduction starters wear out over time, especially when used in extreme climates. When this happens, the gear teeth may slip over the crank gears rather than engage with them. This slippage results in hard starting and eventual starter failure.
  • Clicks - In addition to the many mechanical parts, Jeep TJ starter motors include sensitive electrical parts like solenoids. When the wiring, contact points, solenoid or other electric components experience problems, electrical current may stop flowing. If this happens, you may hear clicking noises but the motor will remain off.
  • Slow starting - Over time, parts of the electric motor inside the starter begin to deteriorate, resulting in reduced power and hard or slow starts.
Can high torque starters benefit large vehicles like Jeep Wranglers?

High torque starters serve large SUVs like Wranglers and often prove to be especially useful in tough outdoor settings. Many models put out 250 foot-pounds of torque or better. This enables skilled, experienced, and trained TJ drivers to perform emergency maneuvers like starting their engines on steep slopes with the gears engaged. These durable features make these electromechanical reduction tools good fits for Jeep TJs.