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Choosing Furniture Parts for Repairs

Are you refurbishing an antique, a replica or your favorite mid-century piece? Alternatively, do you need to make repairs and are looking for replacement parts? Perhaps a drawer won't open anymore, or a cabinet door is loose. There are various accessories that can help with a vintage restoration project or to repair broken items.

What Styles of Furniture Does This Company Make?

Stanley Furniture is a US company that has been manufacturing furniture since the 1920's. They produce a range of dining, living and bedroom products. Styles of furniture from this brand include: 

  • Bedroom: Dressers, chests, headboards, footboards, and nightstands. 
  • Dining: Tables, chairs, stools, sideboards.
  • Living: Accent chairs, bookcases, desks, occasional tables.

Some of their collections include:

  • Traditional: Juniper Dell, Arrondissement, Wethersfield Estate, Louis Philippe
  • Contemporary: Cypress Grove, Crestaire, Wicker Park. Santa Clara.

What Are Common Repair Items?  

There is a range of products used in the manufacture and repair of furnishings. Some common items include:

  • Wood Glue: If your piece has mortise and tenon joints, chances are all you may need is some quality furniture glue. These joints are the interlocking type. For example, on the base of a chair seat, there is a square or rectangular hole. The chair legs have a piece at the top that slots into the base to keep the legs firm and stable. 
  • Braces: Small steel braces can reinforce and strengthen wobbly legs on chairs, dining tables, nightstands, dressers, and so forth. These are made from tough steel and screw into unexposed corners to add to stability. 
  • Mending, Corner, and T-Plates: These support the joints of items and are made from steel. They usually nail, screw or bolt in, and they can be useful on bookcases, hutches, and underneath dining tables.
  • Hinges and Hasps: Replacement hinges and hasps (plain or decorative) can come in solid brass and other metals. There are different styles to suit chests, cabinets, and cupboard doors. 
  • Handles and Knobs: When your drawer fasteners break on a cupboard or your dresser, look for stylish period replacement handles, knobs, and pulls in brass and satin nickel.  

What Can I Use to Protect My Furniture and/or Surfaces?

When you have invested in good furniture and your interior decor, you want it to last. Always be mindful of using any adhesive products on the wood surface, as it may mark.  

  • Felt Pads: These are usually round or square and available in different sizes. Put them underneath your furniture, appliance legs or any objects you sit on top of your wooden surfaces. 
  • Furniture Sliders:  Domed slides (a.k.a. glides or gliders) fit on the bottom of household items to protect your floor surface. They make it easier to move large items like an Armoire or chest, thus reducing the risk of damaging the surface of your piece.

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