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St. Croix Men's Sweaters

St. Croix is a suite of menswear boutique retailers of luxury menswear items. Founded in Minnesota in the mid-1900s, it uses primarily high-end fibres such as premium merino wool, Pima cotton, chenille and more. Many of its clothing items are hand-knit or hand-finished in the U.S.A. and some of its leather outerwear, trousers, shirts and hosiery are crafted by Italian craftsmen.

St. Croix men's sweaters come in many different fits and styles. Light-weather sweaters are found in 100% cotton, cotton blend and acrylic. St. Croix fall and winter sweaters are made with merino wool, wool blends and cashmere. Popular styles include the henley, full zip, 1/2 zip, polo, turtleneck, v-neck, crewneck, cardigan and fisherman varieties. There are many different patterns and knit styles, which include many different intarsia designs like argyle and fair island designs, or cabling in the knitting. St. Croix also manufactures other knits, such as sweater vests and even knit ties.

Are St. Croix Men's Wool Sweaters Scratchy?

Many men's sweaters and other garments made with wool can feel scratchy. Though individuals with more sensitive skin will often feel this more significantly than others.

  • If you want to avoid scratchy wool, opt for merino wool sweaters which are known to be substantially softer than other wools.
  • Merino is very expensive, that said, and you may be able to find merino blends with acrylic which should provide a good balance between softness and warmth.
  • If a soft sweater is more important than a warm sweater, consider an alternative to wool. Cashmere is made from goat hairs, not wool, and provides less insulation than wool but is immensely soft.

Should St. Croix Men's Sweaters be Dry Cleaned?

The answer depends upon what kind of knit garment you have purchased. In some cases, men's sweaters should absolutely be dry cleaned and in others you should be fine to launder the garment at home. Here are some good rules of thumb.

  • Wool and cashmere fibers both have a bending, sinuous shape, and at the microscopic level have small ridges. When rubbed together, even during washing, this can make the fibers wind and mat together, or to pill. In order to avoid this, sweaters with these fibers should always be dry-cleaned if they ever need a deep clean, such as after a red wine spill.
  • However, for everyday wear, garments with those fibers should respond well to hand-laundering and drip-drying. The tumbling action of a dryer is likely to increase the chance of matting or pilling and heat from a dryer may shrink some sweaters.
  • Cotton and acrylic sweaters use yarn which is far less likely to pill or mat and is much more resilient to home laundering

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