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Sony Home Audio CD Recorders

CD Recorders and Home Entertainment Options

For anyone looking to not only play their collection of CDs but also have the option to record from their stereo a disc recorder is a great electronic gadget. This audio equipment has all the features of a traditional CD player with the inputs and outputs, as well as audio capabilities, but it also serves as a recorder. This means it can not only record songs and music, but also voice and audio for other purposes.

What are the features of these Sony audio CD recorders?

  • Infrared Technology. To be able to properly work any remote control, these CD players and recording devices utilize infrared technology to use at a distance.
  • Connections. These recorders have many connection points including SDIF input and outputs, audio line-in and line-out, and headphones. These connections are on the front and back of the device.
  • Power. The amount of power consumption that these have is about 20-25 watts with analog technology.
  • Recording. These recorders feature two trays for your discs, one to play the CD and one to record your disc. There are a few different types of CDs that can work with this device, such as CD-R and CD-RWs. CD-Rs are strictly for recording and to play back at your leisure. CD-RWs are CDs that can record and also re-record. Some audio discs are CD-R/CD-RW, which gives you the functionality of both.
  • Multi-Disc Player. Some of the more expensive models include a multi-disc CD changer. This allows you to load more than one compact disc in your recording device to play for hours on end.

What are some accessories that go with these Sony CD recorders?

  • Headphones. Most of these CD players and recorders have a headphone jack to hook up your headphones to be able to listen to your CDs without disturbing your surrounding environment. There are a variety of headphones that could work alongside this entertainment equipment from earbuds to noise canceling headphones.
  • Remote Control. A remote control is great to have for any electronic gadget as you can just sit back and listen to your favorite music or keep busy by recording the tracks you want to without sitting right next to the recorder. The remote control has all the same functions and features as the actual device and is easy to read.
  • Cables. Because of the many inputs and output of these recording devices, you will need a few different cables to ensure proper hook up to your different entertainment devices.
  • Speakers. Adding a CD recorder to your entertainment system is a great addition, however if youre just starting out building your ensemble, hooking up speakers to this type of device will prove to round out a starter system. You dont want to overpower the recorder, however having speakers that provide ample power and good sound quality is important.

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