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SonicWall Enterprise Firewall and VPN Devices

SonicWall produces network security hardware and software for Enterprise customers. Its first products were re-labeled for Dell, but SonicWall is also an independent brand. It is an all-in-one solution for companies to integrate offline and online security.

What does the SonicWall firewall do?

This firewall product can be used against hackers that may try to get into your business' network infrastructure. Both large and small businesses alike can use this network monitoring package. These products are loaded with their own SonicOS operating system that is configured against outside attacks.

What other kinds of products does this company offer?

The SonicWall Net Extender client may be downloaded from the Virtual Office within the application. Your SSL VPN must be enabled in order to use this plugin.

The SonicWall TZ 100 is a business router that comes with a range of security features. It includes wireless capabilities, a VOIP server, and patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection software.

The SonicWall Tz300 is made for Enterprise-level protection. This product includes deep-packet inspection for all connected devices.

What is advanced threat protection?

This company has developed a sandbox environment that can probe your network for zero-day exploits. This can help protect against future exploit attempts. It will inspect any suspicious code or network traffic and look for any patterns for undiscovered malware. The SonicWall applications are also set to give automated reports of possible attacks so that the network administrator will be aware of the current situation.

How do these products help keep your company secure?

Websites will need to be blocked using the Content Filtering Service. Each individual domain must be added under the Custom List tab.

The SonicWall email applications have embedded Linux operating systems to look at individual emails for viruses and other exploits before they are delivered to the client. Since Linux is immune to most remote and local attacks, it can be used as firmware to run as the backbone of an email security appliance. The company's hardware is able to handle the email of thousands of users on a regular basis.

Is an app available for smartphones?

Variations of this product are available in Apple's App Store. Users can connect to their corporate or academic private connections on iOS using their software. For Android users, the SonicWall Mobile Connect app can be found on Google Play. This app requires Android Jellybean or higher.