Size L Purple Dresses for Women

A size large purple dress typically fits a woman who has a waist of 30 to 32 inches and a bust of 38 to 40 inches. A purple dress could have special touches such as lace or mesh that is the same color as the rest of the dress or that provides a contrast, such as black. There are many different designers of purple dresses, and they come in slim fit, regular fit, or plus size to fit you comfortably through many situations.

What materials are size large women's purple dresses made from?
  • Polyester: Polyester is a type of fabric that is easy to care for and clean. Polyester is often made into different fabric types, including lace, chiffon, satin, and organza. A purple dress may have a thicker opaque layer of fabric that is topped by a lace, chiffon, or organza layer that is sheer.
  • Plant fibers: Cotton and cotton blends are often used in a lightweight dress for warm weather. Other plant fibers such as linen and rayon from bamboo may also be used in a woman's dress.
  • Silk and silk blends: Silk and blends of purple silk are often used for an elegant dress. The silk readily accepts the purple dye to make a vibrantly colored dress.
What sleeve styles are there for women's large purple dresses?
  • Long sleeve: A long-sleeve dress may have a sleeve length that stops anywhere between the middle of the forearm and the wrist. The sleeves of such a dress may be fitted or flared into a bell shape.
  • Short sleeve: A short-sleeve dress may have sleeves that extend from just past the shoulder to the elbow. The fabric may have embellishments such as lace or ribbon at the hem.
  • Spaghetti strap and sleeveless: A sleeveless purple dress uses elastic or boning to keep it up around the bosom. Some of the sleeveless dress styles have a folded, wrap, or twisted detail in the front. A spaghetti strap dress has thin straps made of satin with some elastic to keep the dress in place on your shoulders. The straps may cross in the back in a racer back style.
What different purple dress designs are there?

A purple gown can be worn to a wedding, formal dance, or a special event such as a dinner party or theater production. A purple wrap dress is suitable for casual events and gatherings such as a holiday party or a bridal shower. Purple midi dresses or maxi dresses could be worn to a summertime party or a casual outdoor event. An A-line dress or sleeveless dress is suited for a variety of occasions, such as dinner at a restaurant. If the dress has a lace panel, beaded finish, or mesh overlay, it could be worn to an elegant restaurant or dinner party.