Size 12 Red Dresses for Women

Red dresses are a staple piece for many womens wardrobes. They can be versatile enough to wear to work and also for a night on the town. With so many options for red dresses, you can make selections to express your individual style.

What factors do you consider when selecting a red dress?
  • Purpose: Think about where you will be wearing the dress. If it is for a wedding or special occasion, you will likely want something more sophisticated. If it is for work, you may want to stick with something more basic.
  • Materials: The materials used to make a dress will impact how you care for it, how comfortable it is, and how much warmth it will provide.
  • Embellishments: A red dress may feature lace, beads, sequins or other embellishments that enhance your unique style.
  • Cut: There are many different dress cuts and styles available, such as halter and A-line. Along with the cut, think about the length that you want your dress. You can get short dresses, floor length, and dresses with trains. You should also consider if you want a sleeveless, short-sleeve, or long-sleeved red dress.
What types of materials are used to make dresses?

You can find dresses in several different material types. Each fabric has its own benefits. Some are ideal for long and flowing dresses, while others work well for pleated dresses. Additionally, some are more durable or easier to wash than others.

  • Cotton: Cotton is an ideal material for many pieces of clothing. It is easy to clean and comfortable. Cotton should be washed in cold water.
  • Linen: If you will be wearing your red dress in warmer weather, you may want to consider a linen dress. This is a lightweight fabric derived from the flax plant. If you have a linen dress, be sure use the gentle cycle or hand wash.
  • Nylon: Nylon is a material that is strong and washes easily.
  • Polyester: Comfort is the main benefit of this fabric for dresses. Polyester is ideal because it is soft, durable, and does not require special care.
  • Satin: This fabric can be both heavy or light. It is a good choice if you want a flowing dress or one that appears glossy. Satin dresses can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in cool water after being turned inside out.
  • Silk: Silk is lightweight and tends to flow well. It is smooth and commonly used for dresses that have a draping effect. Silk dresses should be hand washed.