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Single-Wire Speaker Cables for Home Audio Perfection

To achieve the audio setup of your dreams, you'll need a special type of hardware to connect your speakers to your amplifier or stereo receiver. There are many new and used speaker cable solutions to choose from within eBay's vast selection at a range of affordable prices. Here are some things to consider as you pick the right single-wire cables for your audio needs whether you're setting up a home theater or hoping to amplify your audio experience when listening to your favorite tunes.

Which brands make speaker cables?

Here are a few examples of the brands that make these types of cables for speakers:

  • AudioQuest
  • Monster
  • Bose
  • Belden
  • Kimber Khale
  • Chord Company
What gauge wires are used for this type of cable?

The speaker wires in this collection are available in a variety of different gauges. Higher-gauge wires are capable of carrying higher amounts of electricity, but they might not fit every type of connector. Here are some of the affordable gauges you can find on eBay:

  • 16-gauge
  • 14-gauge
  • 12-gauge
What types of speaker wire connectors are there?

To hook up your speaker wire to your speakers or receiver, you may need a certain type of connector. Some examples of these connectors include:

  • Banana plugs - These connectors take their name from their distinctive shape. They have copper tips that help conduct electricity, and they expand when they are inserted for extra connection security.
  • Coaxial - Coaxial connectors have cylindrical housings and single connector prongs. They are commonly used with subwoofers. These connectors screw into place, which can provide greater connection security versus other types of speaker wire connectors. Not all coaxial connectors are alike, so check the exact specifications you need before you make a final decision.
  • Spade plugs - Spade plugs are among the most common types of connectors. They consist of two prongs that are inserted into special plugs designed to take this style of connector.
How do you pick the right speaker cable?

If you want to pick the right cable for your speakers, the first step is to check out your existing setup. If your speakers and stereo receivers accept plain wire, for instance, you won't need any connectors, but if your speakers use banana plugs, you'll want to acquire some of these plugs along with your wire. Just make sure that any connectors you purchase fit the size of wire that you've chosen for your speaker cable.