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Silk'n Laser Hair Removal and IPL

A permanent hair removal device can be a useful addition to your beauty routine. Two at-home options for permanent laser hair removal are the Silk'n SensEpil and Flash & Go hair removal devices. A flash of pulsed light works to target unwanted hair and eliminates the need for razors and waxing.

What's the difference between SensEpil and Flash & Go devices?

The SensEpil hair removal system offers professional-quality laser hair removal. It provides the user with over 200,000 pulses of hair removal energy. The SensEpil uses patented Home Pulsed Light technology to remove unwanted hair, making it a valuable addition to many beauty routines.

The Flash & Go hair removal units come in four designs and also feature Home Pulsed Light technology. They differ from the SensEpil in that they offer varying numbers of pulses depending on the unit. They also come in various sizes, while the SensEpil comes in only one size.

How long will it take to see results?

Results will depend on a number of factors, but many people begin seeing effects after just four laser treatments. After approximately eight treatments, most users report a substantial difference. Results may vary between men and women due to hair depth and coarseness. Men typically see a noticeable difference after 10 sessions. For the full effect to take place, treatment may take anywhere from 18-24 months depending on the resting stage of the hair follicle. Be certain to schedule your treatments two weeks apart.

Are Silk’n products safe to use on all body hair?

Silk’n hair removal units are safe to use on almost all body hair. For unsightly hair on the face, only use the Silk’n hair removal device on hair that is below the cheekbones. Do not use the unit on or near the eyes as you may accidentally expose the eye to flash. It is not recommended for hair that is within a tattooed area or that exits near raised moles. To prevent exposing these areas to accidental flash, cover the area with opaque tape or a piece of lightly colored fabric.

Are replacement cartridges available?

Yes, you can purchase replacement cartridges if you run out of pulses. The SensEpil is designed to provide enough pulses for a lifetime of use. Some of the Flash & Go models, however, may require extra cartridges for the user to achieve the desired effect.