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The Sure Choice: Shure Wireless Microphones

When it comes to microphones, Shure presents the ideal choice for artists and technicians alike. With their powerful gain adjustment features, Shure systems are designed to capture a wide range of sounds, from professional voice-over work to recording street noise. These high-quality microphones available on eBay have a range of functions to suit a variety of specific and general needs.

Are there different kinds of pickup patterns offered?

Shure offers a variety of pickup patterns to suit a wide range of needs. Another term for pickup patterns is “polar patterns.” Polar patterns refer to the three-dimensional space in which sound interacts with the microphone. The various pickup patterns for the mics—such as carteroid or omnidirectional—refer to where exactly sound is picked up within the apparatus, changing the purpose of the sound. Different types of pickup patterns are:

  • Carteroid: This mic is most sensitive in the front.
  • Supercarteroid: This mic features a narrower frontal sensitivity, with a small cone of influence at the back.
  • Omnidirectional: This mic is equally sound sensitive from all directions.
  • Unidirectional: This mic takes sound from a straight on direction.
How do you choose a Shure wireless microphone?

Choosing the right wireless microphone on eBay will depend on the purpose of your project. Some uses may include:

  • Carteroid: Carteroids are most typically used for singing vocals and music recording.
  • Supercarteroids: These are good for singing vocals, especially on stage.
  • Omnidirectional: Omnidirectional microphones are typically used for all-around purposes, making them good for speeches as well as recording street noise recording.
  • Unidirectional: Unidirectional microphones are ideal for making speeches, particularly on radio, as they cancel out sound from all other directions.
Different types of wireless microphones
  • Handheld/Stand Held: A handheld or stand held microphone can be either wire connected or battery operated. These are ideal for use at events where the mic will be passed from speaker to speaker.
  • Headset: A Shure headset mic rests gently above the ear and can be found in translucent or nude colors. This allows the speaker to appear as though they are not wearing a mic. This makes them ideal for theatrical performances.
  • Lapel: A lapel mic attaches to the collar or shirt.
  • Gooseneck: A gooseneck is a thin microphone often attached to podiums. However, these are also great for micing drumsets or other instruments.
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