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Shaving Brushes and Mugs

Shaving brushes and mugs are cosmetic tools for wet shaving. Typically made for men, these brushes are used with a shaving mug or bowl, often sold in a set. The brush lathers shaving soap in the mug or bowl and onto the face or other area to be shaved.

What is the purpose of using a shaving brush and mug?

A shaving brush is used to soften, exfoliate and lubricate the skin, creating a smooth surface on which to apply a razor. The brushing motion also draws hairs out from the face, making them easier to shave. The mug is used to hold shaving soap and produce a thick lather.

What are the different types of shaving brushes and mugs?

Shaving brushes and mugs are made in a variety of shapes and materials, sold separately and in sets that may also include soap. The words mug, bowl, scuttle and cup are used interchangeably to describe the receptacle used for shaving cream and soap.

  • Types of brush bristles: boar, horse, badger and synthetic
  • Types of brush handles: metal, wood, horn and synthetic
  • Types of Mugs: ceramic, wood, metal and synthetic
How is a shaving brush size determined?

Brush sizes are stated in millimeters using the following measurements:

  • Loft: the length of the hair from handle to tip
  • Knot: the amount of hair packed into the brush handle
  • Height: the overall length of the brush, including hair and handle
How do you shave using a brush and mug?
  • Pre-shave: Wash your face with hot water to soften your beard.
  • Soak the shaving brush in warm to hot water for 1-2 minutes; gently shake off any excess water.
  • Add shaving cream or soap to the mug.
  • Stir shaving cream or soap inside the mug, leaving a small amount on the center tip of the brush.
  • Lather cream onto your face using a circular motion,
  • Shave your face with a straight or safety razor.
How do you clean the brush and mug after use?

Vinegar and mild dish detergent are household products that can be used on both items for safe, thorough cleansing of built-up residue. Rinse with warm water and allow the shaving tools to dry completely.