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Useful Information About Your Samsung TV Screen

Whether you want to find out what is happening around the world or simply enjoy some relaxing programming, a TV screen can provide you with full access. Samsung television screens allow users to view their favorite TV shows either through a cable service or online.

How do you know which firmware is installed?

You can learn which version of firmware currently works on your Samsung TV screen by following these steps:

  1. Turn the device on. The LED indicator will activate.
  2. Click the Menu button on your remote control.
  3. Using the up/down arrows on the remote control, scroll down to the tab labeled Support.
  4. Use the down arrow on the remote to find and select the Contact Samsung tab.
  5. Scroll down the text that pops up. You will find information regarding the model code of your TV screen as well as the software version on which the device is currently operating.
How can you update the firmware on your TV screen?

You can update the firmware version on your Smart screen by following these steps:

  • Download the new firmware version: Once you know what the specific model of your device is, you can access the Samsung website and download the latest update for that model.
  • Decompress the new firmware version: The firmware version update that you downloaded will be compressed as a .exe file. Using a Microsoft Windows operating system of any version, decompress the file.
  • Transfer the decompressed file to your device: Once the firmware update file has been decompressed, disconnect all existing USB drives from the Samsung TV. Then, use a USB drive to transfer the file to your Samsung TV screen. When you turn the TV on, its LED indicator will activate. After that, simply plug the USB drive into the TV's USB port. The LED light will blink twice if the USB has been connected correctly.
  • Select the new firmware version for installation: Using your Samsung remote control, access the options menu by pressing the Menu button. Find and select the tab labeled Support. After that, select the Software Upgrade option. Finally, select the option labeled By USB.
How can you activate and deactivate Auto Volume Adjustment?

In the Audio Settings menu of your TV, look for the Auto Volume Adjustment (AVL) option. By turning the option on, you will allow the TV to adjust its volume automatically, depending on the programming. However, you can also choose to turn the option off.

Can you use a smartphone to control your Samsung TV screen?

You can use your smartphone to access and control the various features of any Samsung Smart TV. You may also be able to use a smartphone to control another type of TV made by Samsung by using a device that acts as an IR bridge, taking remote commands from your mobile over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The device will convert these commands to IR signals that can be picked up by your TV.