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STIHL Chainsaws

Power in Your Project: STIHL Chainsaws

STIHL is a German manufacturer that makes handheld power equipment like trimmers and chainsaws. The company specializes in forestry equipment and landscape maintenance and has designed several different lines of high-performance chainsaws for both professional and home use.

How Many Different Types of Chainsaws Does STIHL Offer?

Catering to users with multiple needs and skill levels, STIHL offers a wide array of different chainsaws for all types of projects and work environments. It sells chainsaws for operations around the home, farm and ranch, or professional work environments. They are even designed to operate in trees and rescue situations. Each chainsaw is suited to perform different tasks at varying degrees of competence, including firewood cutting, pruning, light cutting, tree felling and cleanup, and cutting fallen limbs.

Do You Have the Option to Go Completely Electric?

STIHL offers both battery-powered chainsaws with a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and plug-in electric saws. Electric saws minimize noise levels and instantly start up at the squeeze of a trigger, and with different power options, they go from stuffing a stocking to hanging in a workshop with ease.

Which STIHL Accessories Enhance Their Saws Capabilities?

Accessories for STIHL saws include saw chains, guide bars, filing tools, wedges, forestry tools, cases, and bar scabbards. STIHLs guide bars and saw chains are all manufactured in-house to verify that the equipment meets their high standards of quality and performance. The guide bars range from 10 inches in length to 59 inches in length. The longest bars are designed for the most extreme felling operations.

What Are the Main Benefits of Owning a STIHL Chainsaw?

STIHLs chainsaws feature a high power-to-weight ratio and high performance to power through all types of wood-cutting jobs. Their sturdy designs deliver maximum reliability during difficult projects. STIHL chainsaws are easy to operate and call for minimal maintenance. They are comfortable to grip and produce little user fatigue, making them great gifts for beginner or professional users. Many of their chainsaws feature a side-access chain tensioner that makes it easy to adjust the tension of the chain.

What Fuel Mixture is Suitable for STIHLs Gasoline-Powered Chainsaws?

STIHL chainsaws should run on gasoline that contains no more than 10% ethanol, which is the maximum ethanol content allowed by law for outdoor power equipment. To achieve the proper fuel mixture, always use fresh fuel with a minimum of 89 octane, and dont use the fuel beyond the initial two-month period. The fuel should always meet the recommendations of the engine manufacturer, and make sure that you are always storing your equipment properly.

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