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Sanyo VHS Home VCRs: No Subscription Required

The videocassette recorder revolutionized the way people watched movies and television. If you have a collection of movies and footage of the family on video tape, a Sanyo VHS VCR will let you continue to enjoy this familiar technology.

What features do all models of Sanyo VHS VCRs share?

This company has produced several models of video recorders over the years. While there are differences between them, here are a few features you can expect to find on any model:

  • Four heads: Four tape heads offer a clear picture.
  • Connections for peripherals: Sanyo VHS units have both coaxial and A/V connections. These let you create multiple setups with various peripheral devices to tailor your system as you like.
  • Basic functions: Your unit should record, time-record, play, fast-forward, and rewind.
What peripherals can you connect with a Sanyo VHS VCR?

All of these units have coaxial connections on the back. Coaxial cables are the ones that have a single narrow pin on one end and a hole of the same size on the other end. The VCRs also have A/V ports on the back, the front, or both. These are often called the red/yellow/white connections. Depending on the model of video recorder you choose, it may have the yellow and white ports for the video and one audio channel, or it may have all three colors for the video plus two audio channels.

These connectors can be used to hook up combinations of a TV, antenna, cable box, DVD player, and digital converter box for an analog TV. The way you route your cables will vary depending on which peripherals you have. Some will require coaxial cables, some will use A/V cables, and some may be able to connect with either one.

What automatic features do Sanyo VHS VCRs have?

Depending on the model, your video recorder may perform a number of functions automatically. You might want to look for some of the following options:

  • Auto-off or sleep timer.
  • Auto clock setting after a power interruption.
  • Auto head cleaner.
  • Auto rewind at the end of the video tape.
  • Auto filtering of profanity with TV Guardian.
Do Sanyo VHS VCRs require a remote control unit?

This company's VCRs are packaged in the factory with a remote control. Some models may also be compatible with universal remotes or the remote controls of attached peripherals. All the basic functions, such as play, instant record, and rewind, can be managed with the buttons on the front of the unit. Youll need a remote for setting timed recordings and other programmable functions.

Do all Sanyo VHS VCRs look the same?

If your sense of aesthetics demands that your electronics match, you will have a bit of choice when youre looking for a Sanyo VCR. Depending on the model, you can find units in silver, black, or carbon gray. The entire case of the unit is typically one color, but some have smoked plastic accents.

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