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Play Your Favorite Videos With Beta VCRs

Sanyo is an electronics company that opened in 1947 and produces televisions, radios, cell phones, and other electronics. Sanyo’s Betamax VCRs allow you to play beta tapes by connecting the player to a television. There are different types of beta players and features to choose from when you make a selection.

What are Beta and Beta Hi-Fi?

Beta or Betamax was a type of video cassette format that used magnetic tape. These cassettes have up to a five-hour recording capacity and can be played in a Beta-format VCR. Sanyo marketed Beta cassettes under the name of Betacord/Beta.

Beta Hi-Fi allowed an increase in the quality of the audio in the Beta cassettes. This worked by adding a third signal between the color and brightness carriers. Each of the VCR heads had a pair of these carriers, and Hi-Fi used a total of four.

How do you select a Beta VCR?

Here are some qualities to consider when choosing a Beta VCR:

  • Select a model: You can choose from models that play standard beta, Hi-FI, and other features that you can review.
  • Choose a brand: Players produced by the Sanyo brand may list Betacord or Beta on the player.
  • Choose between a recorder or a player: Recorders can use blank beta cassettes to record the audio and video from your television or other device.
What are the different parts of a VCR?

VCRs have many different parts, such as:

  • Tape deck: This component is where the cassette tape gets inserted into the player.
  • Heads: The device uses these metal parts to record or play the inserted Beta cassette. Some players will have additional heads to allow the tape to be played at slower speeds.
  • Audio/video jacks: These components will be on the back of your player and connect it to your television.
  • Tracking controls: This feature of the player allows you to adjust the tracking on the tape to reduce any linear lines and static in the audio.
What is a combination VCR?

A combination VCR can support more than one format of video. Some DVD or Blu Ray players will be combination players where they share a space with a VCR without needing a second device. Combination VCRs may have separate functions on the remote for the disk player and VCR.

What types of connectors do VCRs have?

The different types of VCR connectors include:

  • Component video: This type is also called an RCA plug and is a type of analog television signal. It consists of a single wire to carry the video signal and can connect the player to older televisions.
  • Composite video: Composite video splits the signal into a red, green, and blue signal. This type allows the player to be connected to a newer TV and allows for digital video signals.
  • S-Video: This type splits the video into two signals, one for the color and one for the brightness.
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