The Rody Horse was developed in Italy in 1984 by Ledraplastic. The company offers toys for all ages such as the adult-sized Rody Max. Here is some information about Rody Horse to help you understand its features and the different options.

What is a Rody Horse?

Constructed of several melded balls into a geometrical shape, the Rody Horse toy is designed for both recreation and as a constructive tool for motor skills, such as balance, walking, jumping, and hand-eye coordination. It is inflatable for children of all ages, usually measuring up to 12 inches tall. It is constructed with latex-free, BPA-free, and pthalate-free vinyl. Rody horse is available in a wide range of colors including pink, blue, green, orange, purple, as well as in multi colored designs.

The Rody, including the original Rody horse and the Rody Max, is a toy for all ages, encouraging active and imaginative play. The soft rounded shapes make it possible for users to climb, bounce, grab, and otherwise actively engage with the toy.

What age is suitable for the Rody Horse?

Rody was originally developed for a child or toddler age five or below. However, the larger child and subsequently, the adult-sized Rody Max was introducted, so there are models made for all ages. The smaller children's model of Rody will balance up to 100 pounds while the Rody Max is able to accommodate over 400 pounds.

Where does the name Rody come from?

According to the original company’s site, Rody is an abbreviated version of the word Rodeo. Rody also carries an implication of Rhodos Island and its infamous knights.

How do you inflate a Rody Horse?

Pumps for the horse can be purchased separately. It also comes with an adapter for a hand pump or bicycle pump. To inflate, simply attach the adapter (or hand pump) to the opening and pump briskly into the horse. Only add enough air (via hand or bicycle pump) to allow the toy to be stable, balance well, and be firm to the touch. Do not attempt to inflate the toy with an air compressor, as it can cause the shape to become distorted.

If you decide to use a base for your Rody, you should install it with the toy in the deflated state. Insert the horse's feet into the base, and then perform the inflation.

How do you repair a damaged Rody?

If your Rody Horse is damaged, it is advisable to buy a new one instead of attempting to repair it.

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