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Remington Hunting Decals and Stickers

Remington is a gun manufacturer with an long history. They celebrate this history by creating a variety of different decals that hunters and gun enthusiasts can place where they like. Understanding these decals is essential if you decide to purchase any or display them to showcase your love of Remington or firearms in general.

What are Remington decals?

Remington decals are small stickers that you can place in various areas. They typically showcase the Remington icon and other phrases or images that celebrate this brand. For example, some stickers may have specific gun models manufactured by this company. Others may commemorate the culture behind this long-time manufacturer.

You may want to showcase your enjoyment by purchasing and placing these decals on your home or vehicle. There are many different situations and spots where you can put one of these stickers, allowing a vast range of personal expression.

Are there Remington gun-rights decals available?

Those who are concerned about gun rights can purchase many of these decals that promote this cause. For example, some decals have phrases such as “Defend, Defend, Defend,” which refers to defending Second Amendment rights. However, this phrase also plays on the fact that such guns can be used for personal defense.

How long will these stickers last?

Sticking a Remington decal on a rifle case will naturally expose it to various types of weathering elements. The same is true when you place a decal on a vehicle or any item outside of your home. Typically, it will depend on their environment, and the wear and tear to which you might expose them, or how well you maintain them. For example, a decal or sticker may last longer if you:

  • Clean them.
  • Do not allow stains to build up around them.
  • Do not place them in excessively hot or cold areas.
  • Take care of easy fixes, such as pressing the decal back against the case.
Where can these stickers be placed?

Those who are interested in purchasing any of these stickers can choose where they want to place them. There are many areas that they can be displayed. Each allows you to showcase your love of this gun manufacturer while also showing off your support of gun rights. Just a few places you can place them include:

  • The window of your home
  • The walls of your hunting room
  • Various spots on your gun cases
  • Bumpers of your vehicles
  • Back windows of your cars
  • Yard signs during election season