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Powerful RED Video Cameras for Sale

RED cameras are synonymous with quality that continues to impress filmmakers. Since introducing them as a prototype cinema camera for a couple of directors, the company has been known to produce instant classics. If you're thinking about purchasing one, eBay has a variety of RED cameras for sale.

Types of RED cameras you can find on eBay:

  • RED One: This camera is the original version introduced in 2007. As the company's first widely manufactured camera, it could shoot either 60 frames or 120 frames per second, depending on the resolution. An upgraded version known as RED One M-X is equipped with a 14-megapixel sensor and was released in 2010.
  • DSMC: This digital still and motion capture camera was introduced in 2009 to facilitate capturing still images and videos. The first camera in this series is Epic-X, which comes with an interchangeable lens mount. A lower-priced Scarlet version is also available for purchase on eBay. At the top of the range is the RED Dragon camera, which offers higher dynamic range and a 6K sensor instead of the standard 5K.
  • DSMC2: This model is considered the most powerful RED movie camera that the company actively supports. The standard models are Weapon 8K, Weapon 6K, Scarlet-W 5K, and RED Dragon 4.5K. Two more 8K sensor models were introduced in 2016. Newer models have since been released, including the Red Komodo.

What types of lenses are available for the RED One camera?

There are primarily two S-35 PL mounts available with new and used RED cameras. The pro prime series uses a focal length of 18mm to 300mm. Only the 300mm uses a T2.9 aperture, while all others consist of a standard T1.8 aperture. Based on the lens configuration, the minimum focal distance may vary among each lens.

Pro Zoom is another series of lenses that is designed for variable focal lengths. The three models of the line are distinguished by their focal lengths, which include 17-50mm lenses, 18-85mm lenses, and 50-150mm lenses. All of these use either T2.8 or T2.9 aperture supported by different focal lengths.

Additional features in the RED DSMC2 camera:

The RED DSMC2 is marketed as a single system with a camera body and a camera brain. The image sensor and the advanced computing components are based inside the compact brain. Compared to the RED One Mx and DSMC RED camera, you will definitely get more power, but you will need to buy separate components based on your individual preference.

Overall, you should buy the DSMC2 version if you want to design your own features and you do not mind the additional expense of the accessories. In contrast, if you're just starting with the RED camera lineup or if you are concerned about the cost of accessories, the Red camera price on the older models is more budget-friendly, and they still provide superior image quality

Common Questions About RED Cameras

What is the dynamic range of RED cameras?

RED cameras are known for their impressive dynamic range, which refers to the range of light levels that the camera can capture. RED cameras typically offer a wide dynamic range, allowing for detailed capture of both shadow and highlight areas in a scene.

What is the sensor size of RED cameras?

RED cameras feature a variety of sensor sizes, including Super 35mm and larger formats. The sensor size can affect the field of view and depth of field of the camera, providing different creative options for filmmakers.

Can RED cameras record audio internally?

Some RED camera models offer internal audio recording capabilities, allowing you to record audio directly to the camera's media storage along with your video footage. However, for professional audio quality, it is recommended to use external audio recording devices and sync the audio with the video in post-production.

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