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Range and Shooting Bipods and Monopods

Whether you are spending a day at the shooting range or are walking around the field hunting, holding your gun up while scanning or shooting can be exhausting on the arms. Having a rifle bipod or monopod can be a great way to take the strain off your arms, while also providing you more stability as a shooter. A bipod or monopod can help ensure you get off the perfect shot, and these accessories come in a variety of different sizes, styles, and with numerous features, so be sure to pick the correct product based on your hunting and shooting needs.

What are the advantages of a bipod and a monopod?

  • Monopod: A rifle monopod consists of a single stick that can be attached to the gun, and it is light, compact, and easy to carry, which makes these tools great accessories for your rifle. These can be easily set up and are able to provide a stable shot on even the most uneven ground. Some monopod models are also designed to double as a walking stick.
  • Bipod: Rifle bipods offer high stability, as they have two legs to help balance a shot, and they are great for ground setups. Rifle bipods function as rifle mounts, and the gun can be rested on top of them or they can be physically attached to the rifle. Rifle bipods that are separate often swivel, allowing more side-to-side adjustment, but attached bipods can make for easier setup.

How does a bipod mount to your rifle?

  • Fixed: A fixed-mount rifle bipod attaches directly to the gun, providing easy setup for a shooter, which is ideal for use in the field. These models are great for shooting on flat ground and provide great stability.
  • Swivel: Swivel mounts utilize the small swivel stud that is located on many hunting rifles. The swivel option is the most common style, and these allow for adjustments in all directions, making them effective in many shooting situations. Some firearms are compatible with an adapter that allows for use with these mounts.
  • Sticks: A shooting stick mount is free standing, and these models provide a V- or U-shaped rest to set the gun on. These are often made out of lightweight materials, such as aluminum or fiberglass, and they are generally retractable and can be adjusted in size to be used at prone, sitting, or standing heights.

Can these products be used for tactical purposes?

Tactical rifles often incorporate a quad or picatinny rail under the barrel of the gun, and tactical stabilizers often attach directly onto this rail. Some other models incorporate two separate pieces that make up the bipod, and each one attaches to one side of the barrel. Other tactical firearms can utilize a vertical grip that attaches to the gun, which can split in half or may have two legs that extend from the base. All of these styles are often short in height and allow for quick setup, which is ideal for tactical situations where speed and avoiding detection are of utmost importance for a shooter.