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Ralph Lauren Women's Handbags and Bags

To many, a handbag has the ability to make or break an outfit and improve overall self-confidence. Ralph Lauren is a handbag designer who produces quality handbags that are available in many different designs. With all the available styles, you will have no problem finding a handbag that makes your outfit pop.

What styles of handbags does Ralph Lauren manufacture?

Ralph Lauren bags typically fall into one of three categories from the designer: Polo Ralph Lauren, Lauren, and the Ralph Lauren Collection. Ralph Lauren handbags generally come in five design styles:

  • Crossbody Bags : These bags feature a long strap that goes across the body.
  • Totes and Backpacks : Totes are normally a larger size and feature a small handle.
  • Hobos and Shoulder Bags : typically loose fitting, these will normally have two straps.
  • Top Handles and Satchels : These will normally have a short handle and possibly another strap.
  • Clutches : This style is small and does not have a straps.

 How do you authenticate Ralph Lauren Handbags?

Here are four aspects to consider when determining whether or not a Ralph Lauren purse is authentic.

  • Stitching : The first detail to check for immediately is inconsistent or sloppy stitching in less visible areas, such as underneath the bag or inside the pockets. Authentic Ralph Lauren bags are carefully constructed, with attention to detail.
  • Labels : When looking at handbags, the number one giveaway for a fake bag will be a misspelling on a label or tag. Labels are typically stitched into the product.
  • Packaging: Ralph Lauren and other luxury retailers put a significant amount of effort into their packaging. Original packaging will often contain tissues, wrapping paper, and a dust bag.
  • Details : Details such as stitching, leathers, fabrics, metals and stamping make a Ralph Lauren bag what it is. Many Ralph Lauren handbags will come with an authentication card or booklet.

 How do you clean a Ralph Lauren purse?

Cleaning and caring for a purse largely depends on the material it is made from. With a leather handbag, often, preventative maintenance such as conditioning the leather will help keep the bag in excellent shape for a long time. To condition a leather bag, use a soft brush to remove any dirt, and rub small amounts of leather conditioner onto the surface. After waiting a few minutes, wipe it off gently. To remove scuffs from suede, use an eraser or nail file.