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Control All Your Homes Televisions with RCA Universal Remote Controls

RCA produces a wide range of remotes that can be used to control many different devices. These universal remotes by RCA are designed to supplant your standard remotes and to create a device that approaches a true universal remote control status. They come with a variety of different buttons and are a useful item for RCA devices and televisions as well as devices made by other manufacturers.

What options are available on these RCA remotes?

When buying a universal remote from RCA, there are many features and options to consider. These remote control devices are designed to work in a variety of ways and have many programming methods that are used to sync them up to multiple devices. Just a few of these features you get with a universal remote include:

  • Multiple device sync: Use an RCA remote control to activate different items in your home, including several televisions.
  • Code search: The code search option allows you to look through all the different programming codes for your universal remote. Code search will then automatically program your universal remote.
  • Manual programming: If you already know the codes for your remote, you can press the appropriate buttons to program them into the remote control. In this way, you can adjust which RCA universal remote you want to use.
  • Device switching: When using this RCA universal remote, you can switch between multiple devices with the simple press of a button. In this way, the need for numerous remotes is eliminated.
  • Universal remote upgrades: Some of these RCA remotes may allow you to hook up to a universal remote database and download updated codes and programming controls. As a result, you can upgrade your RCA remote controls and keep them active.
Can they be used to control multiple televisions?

When using one of these universal remote control devices, you can program multiple different televisions into the remote. You will need to change which TV you are controlling by inputting the code on various buttons.

However, you can also own multiple remotes and sync them up to different televisions in your home. This step is probably more accessible for most people because it will allow you to have one remote for each entertainment area in your home. It also eliminates potential confusion when trying to program your remote control again.

Are remote models available that work with other entertainment devices?

Your remote control can be programmed to work not just televisions but DVD players as well. They can also sync up to Blu-ray devices and even VCR players. Many users will also set them up with their cable or satellite box and video game systems. Some even control home stereo systems. In this way, you can use one remote to control all these devices and keep your home entertainment much simpler.

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