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What to Look for in Professional Video Cameras

Pro video cameras are designed to capture detailed, true-to-life videos that all audiences can enjoy. If you're interested in creating high-quality video projects, starting a career in live streaming, or working as a professional videographer, buying a professional video camera can be a worthwhile investment.

What should you look for in professional video cameras?

4K resolution is taking over, so you'll need to choose a device that shoots in 4K, also called ultra-high resolution. You can find new and used professional video cameras for sale in ultra-high resolution on eBay. In addition to video quality, consider sound quality when choosing a professional camcorder. Any skilled videographer will tell you you can only have professional videos with high-quality audio and video. Look for a "cannon plug" or XLR to ensure quality audio. This connector allows you to use almost any external microphone.

Professional video cameras can also come equipped with a headphone jack, image stabilization, a large image sensor, and manual controls. A headphone jack lets you monitor sound while recording. Image stabilization assists in recording stable, clear images, while manual controls allow you to add creative effects and achieve the type of video you envision. When a video camera has manual controls, you can adjust each setting, such as scene modes and focus.

Choosing a professional video camera for live streaming

If you plan on using the video camera for live streaming, choose a model with a high frame rate to minimize problems with choppiness. If your live streaming involves fast movements, such as athletic events or sports games, a high frame rate will be necessary to capture the action. A frame rate of 60 fps or higher is considered high in video cameras. Standard frame rates range from 24 to 30 fps. In addition to a high frame rate, you need to choose a video camera that has a clean HDMI or SDI signal to use for live streaming.

Additional features to consider in a professional video camera

Features may affect the video camera price, but the following are some that you might find helpful in your device:

  • Optical zoom: This is a must-have to maintain video quality when zooming in. Always check what the optical zoom is on a camcorder you're considering. The specs will let you know how far you can zoom in without losing quality. Optical 10x means zooming in 10 times closer and maintaining maximum video quality.
  • 360-degree capturing: If you want to capture everything, then the video camera must feature 360-degree capturing. This feature is used for virtual reality videos.
  • 3D-ready: If you want to offer 3D video for clients, then choose a 3D-ready video camera.
  • Night vision: Is it possible to record outside at night? Look for a night vision feature in your professional video camera.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: If the speed at which you upload a video to the internet is essential, a pro video camera with built-in Wi-Fi is helpful.