Planet Waves Guitar Cables

Choosing the right cable for a guitar is important, as it can help to preserve the guitar’s overall quality and sound. Notably, several styles of patch cable are available in varying lengths and use different types of jackets and connectors. Planet Waves is a manufacturer of electronic and musical accessories that include cable making kits, guitar tuners, humidification systems, and instrument cable.

What are benefits of Planet Waves guitar cables?

Planet Waves has played a role in numerous American Stage performances through its musical line of products. Planet Waves guitar cables have oxygen-free copper wire, molded strain relief, flexible external jackets, and double shielding. Examples include the American Stage Guitar and Instrument cable, the Custom Instrument cable, and the Classic Series Instrument cable.

Planet Waves cables optimize capacitance for signal transparency. As a result, whatever the guitar puts in one end appears the same as the amplifier end, ensuring no interference between the guitar and the amp. For necessary equipment like a guitar cable, it may be worth investing in a cable that is dependable. Planet Waves guitar cables can boost the music by revealing the guitar’s sonic detail. They also provide you the freedom to play without being disturbed by possible technical issues.

How do you use a Planet Waves humidifier?

Maintaining the humidity level of the wire instruments is vital to ensuring their integrity, playability, and clear sound. A humidifier is essential for releasing moisture slowly and evenly inside the instrument-case while maintaining proper humidity level. It also helps prevent warping, cracks, and shrinkage of the instruments. When the humidity is consistently at 20 percent or lower, the individual can use a small instrument humidifier with the Planet Waves Soundhole humidifier for acoustic guitar cases.

It is recommended that you remove the humidifier from the case if the humidity level reaches 60 percent, as the humidity level can affect the guitar’s overall quality. Planet Waves Temperature and Humidity Sensor is important when monitoring the humidity in the instrument’s case. The following steps underscore how to use Planet Waves Humidifier:

  • Fill a syringe with purified water.
  • Inject one to three syringes of water into the hole on the humidifier while holding it over the sink until the inner foam is completely moistened.
  • Wipe off any extra water from the humidifier’s outer surface.
  • For better results, repeat this process after every one or two weeks depending on the atmospheric conditions in the area.
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