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Pioneer Home Audio Cassette Tape Deck

Versatility in a Multi-Cassette Player

Dual stereo cassette decks were not only popular when they first came out on the market but are making a comeback as both young and old sound aficionados can appreciate the technology that comes in these tape players. Although relatively simple in design, these dual cassette players are easy to manipulate and recreate copies of music and audio tapes, as well as enjoy hours of audio entertainment.

What Features Do the Pioneer Dual Cassette Decks Have?

  • Audio Specifications. The signal to noise ratio for many of these Pioneer dual cassette players are right around 90 dBs. Additionally, the frequency response is about 20 Hz. These numbers indicate that the cassette deck will produce a nice range of sound coming straight from the player itself, and when hooked up to a stereo system, it produces clearer music.
  • Controls. These dual cassette decks have many helpful built-in controls that upgrade this tape player including Dolby HX Pro which produces quality sound from the player itself. Additionally, these cassette decks have an MPX filter which can produce sound at higher frequencies. It also features blank skip, relay playback, one-touch edit and rewind play. All of these functions help assist in playing, recording, copying, and rewinding one or more cassettes. 
  • Connections. Some of the connections that these dual cassette decks have included are audio line-in and line-out, a headphone jack, and a remote control connection, which all allow for greater versatility in your music capabilities. These systems have both front and rear connection points. 

What Are the Benefits to Having a Dual Cassette Deck?

  • Dubbing. With a cassette deck that has two tape decks, you can dub whatever audio material you want. Dubbing is the process of transferring music or audio from one cassette tape to another tape. In essence, it is serving as a recorder because you are recording onto another cassette. This is helpful when making multiple tapes of the same audio material when producing multiple copies. 
  • Separate Deck Functions. With a dual cassette deck, one deck is for playing and recording and the other is for erasing. This allows you to utilize your cassette decks to their fullest potential by being able to perform multiple functions at the same time. These separate deck functions do not hinder the quality of sound both produced and recorded. With a dual cassette deck, you get so much more out of your device including a traditional cassette player, but also a recorder and mini-music production center.
  • Auto Reverse. One powerful feature of dual cassette decks is that they can relay-play two tapes in a row. Without having to change out a single cassette tape, you can enjoy hours of musical entertainment.  

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