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Personal MiniDisc Recorders

MiniDisc digital recording devices produced by Sony can be used to record audio. They can come in handy when you need a portable tool for recording content that needs to be stored on physical media. These players use the proprietary Sony MiniDisc player technology.

What is a MiniDisc?

The Sony MiniDisc is a diminutive storage form shaped like a tiny CD. These little CDs can hold up to 74 minutes of audio or up to 1GB of other data types. The MiniDisc was designed for the storage of sound, but the capacity of these discs does allow you to store a small quantity of video. The capacity of a MiniDisc player is based on the storage capacity of the Mini Disc player itself. These discs are designed to provide longevity and high sound quality. Sony manufactures them, and are typically used in portable Sony-branded applications.

What can MiniDisc recording devices be used for?

These recorders can store up to 74 minutes of sound on one disc. This technology can be helpful when you physically archive recorded contents instead of just storing them in the cloud. Higher quality Mini Disc tools can record audio from concerts, piano recitals, speeches, and other gatherings. Personal MiniDisc players write directly to the physical media instead of requiring you to use a computer to burn the data onto a CD.

What format does a MiniDisc recorder use?

A personal MiniDisc player records audio in Sony MD format. These include the original MD format and the later Hi-MD format, which was introduced in 2004. Hi-MD discs can be converted to MP3 files on your computer using the SonicStage software.

What features do portable MiniDisc players have?

MiniDisc players often include some form of anti-skip protection. This is designed to prevent the disc from being damaged if you record while in motion. Most MiniDisc players manufactured by Sony include Windows-compatible SonicStage software, which allows you to upload and convert data from the MD or Hi-MD format to other digital file types, such as MP3 or WAV. Since your computer is not likely to contain a MiniDisc drive, the Sony player can plug directly into the computer. Portable MiniDisc players are typically powered with AA or AAA batteries. Some require just a single AA battery.

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