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Party Banners, Bunting, and Garland

When a special occasion arises, you want to add a special touch to the event. One way to do so is to add a party banner, bunting, or garland. Alone, or in any combination, party decorations may add to the festivities.

What types of banners are available?

You will generally find four types of banner materials: paper, fabric, foil, and plastic. Within those material categories, there are many designs and many occasions to choose from. For example, you may want your party decorations personalized with a stream of 12 paper banner pieces that are prepared for you to add photos to. This type of banner allows the participants to reminisce while enjoying the party. It's appropriate for any age birthday, a wedding, or a baby shower. Fabric banners can be imprinted and they stand up to weather conditions. Foil reflects light and creates a festive party atmosphere. Plastic and vinyl are also weather-resistant materials. Any one of the banner choices will offer a full range of party events. Whether you want to celebrate a holiday or a birthday, there is a banner to announce the occasion.

What types of garland are available?

Like party banners, garland may be created using a number of mediums. In addition to paper, fabric, foil, and plastic, other materials also work. You may choose a garland made of wood or PVC, for instance. While banners allow for you to imprint on them if you want them personalized, garland is an ornamental strand of objects. They may be geometric symbols or holiday shapes and representations. Party garlands may come as hearts for Valentine's Day or pineapples for a luau. They can be personalized for a party to celebrate someone's birthday with a symbol representing something special to them.

Are flags available for a party?

Flags are typically constructed of fabric or plastic. Flags can be a colorful way to direct people to your party as well serve as a boundary. They can be fluorescent colors or more subdued. Some flags may be solid and others carry a design. Some bunting flags may be personalized to suit the occasion. Some are silkscreened while others offer an appliqued or sewn design.

What are the options with bunting?

Bunting and bunting banners are offered in a variety of materials. Bunting banners lend themselves to a location where large ruched flags or other emblems can be hung from banner rails or along walls. Bunting and bunting banners require a large space to accommodate them. Single bunting ruched party banners are at least 3 feet in width but can go as wide as 6 feet. Bunting may also refer to a series of triangular flags in the patriotic colors that are strung together to create party decorations.