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How Do I Shop for a Replacement Panasonic TV Screen?

If youve identified that your television has a problem and youve further identified it as a screen issue, your first inclination may be to wash your hands of it, and simply run to the nearest big box store for a new TV. However, most people dont know that a television screen is one of the easiest components to replace on your television. This type of repair simply takes an exact replacement screen, and a little bit of patience and know-how. Panasonic has specifically made their replacement parts available so that users can ensure that their television lasts for decades, no matter what type it is.

How Do I Know What Type of TV I Have?

This may seem like a common sense question, but with so many types of televisions available on the market these days, knowing what type of television you have is the most important thing, as it lets you know what screen to buy. Different options include:

  • LCD, which stands for liquid crystal display
  • LED, which is an updated version of LCD technology
  • Plasma, which is constructed from two sheets of glass
  • CRT, which is commonly referred to as an old style of television

How Do I Match the Correct Part?

Whether you have an LCD TV, plasma television, or another type, there are next a few more things to consider as you match up your replacement with your Panasonic television.

  • Size: This is perhaps the most important thing. For instance, you must correctly size up a 40-inch screen with a 40-inch replacement screen.
  • Model: In most cases, youll need the model number to ensure you make the right choice.
  • Other features: Since you purchased your original plasma TV or other television, options may have changed. Make sure the backlight, bezel, brightness, and other settings are exactly what you want in a television.

How Tough Is It to Find and Install the Correct Part?

Finding the correct replacement screen shouldnt be too tough as long as youre willing to:

  • Be willing to search. It might take several days to find the exact fit, but its definitely a more economical option than replacing the screen entirely.
  • Watch videos on DIY replacement. A simple video can help you replace the screen yourself, without any outside help.
  • Be patient. When it comes to electronics, sometimes it takes two or three tries to get a perfect fit.

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