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Find a New or Used PENTAX Medium Film Camera

PENTAX brand medium film cameras come in several different models. If you're looking for a new or used film camera, these may fit your needs for a photography project, or they can be used for professional work. You can browse the models available and learn more about them here.

What is medium format film?

Medium format is a term in photography that refers to the size of the media that still pictures are saved on after an exposure. Medium format traditionally referred to film frames that are larger than 24 by 36 mm but smaller than 4 by 5 inches. It's the format used by 35 mm cameras. You may hear the term used when talking about digital cameras, but this is a holdover from the days when cameras were designed for different sizes of film.

Which models of PENTAX cameras are available?

This brand produces a number of medium format cameras that use traditional film to store still pictures, and they come with a number of different lens sizes and other accessories. Some available camera models include the following:

  • 645 Medium Format Camera
  • 645N Medium Format Camera
  • 645NII Medium Format Camera
  • 6x7 Medium Format Camera
  • 6x7 TTL Mirror Up Camera
  • 67 Mirror Up Medium Format Camera
What are the advantages of using a film camera?

Traditional film works differently than digital photographic media since it doesn't have discrete pixels. This has some advantages that make up for the convenience of digital cameras.

  • Analog: Traditional Pentax film is an analog media. This means that the photograph can be enlarged and shrunk without as much degradation of picture quality as happens with digital media. Depending on the type of 35 mm film used, the resolution can be the equivalent of 4 to 16 million-pixel digital photographs.
  • Grain: Film has a grain that digital pictures lack. If you're looking for a genuine black and white film grain effect in your photographs, using traditional film is the authentic way to produce it.
  • Cost: Film cameras cost less upfront. The overall cost of traditional film photography is spread out over time because of the cost of film and development services. Digital cameras represent a large upfront cost by comparison.
  • Collectability: Film cameras are collectible items. Antique cameras from the early days of photography are all traditional film cameras, making them more valuable to many collectors.
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